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goodnight milk any good?

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mum2samandalex Mon 25-Aug-08 21:09:23

i have a really hungry baby. He's 7 mths and fully weaned on purees. He has his 3 meals a day plus desserts, water and three 7oz of bottles of follow on milk one in the morning, afternoon and then one before bed at 7.30. He then wakes around 1ish and drains another 7oz bottle and then again at 5ish he wakes around 7ish and is starving for his breakfast.I was mix feeding but decided to give up as i wasnt sure how much he was having and he could easily stay on the breast all night if i let him. I just cant believe how much he eats even though he not a a very big feller. I was wondering wheather goodnight milk would help before bedtime but didnt want anything that was going to be too harsh for his belly iykwim.

andyrobo237 Mon 25-Aug-08 21:36:15

We tried it when if first came out but it made no difference at all - I do think that he should not need the 1am bottle at that age, given the quantities of food he is eating. Perhaps you should look at trying to remove that bottle from him - we sucessfully managed it in a few days by watering down the milk - it becomes a habit with them to wake then - our DS was still waking then for a feed. The experts reckon that they should get enough calories in the day, and the bedtime bottle should see them through the night. You may be better giving him supper - weetabix or yoghurt or something like that with his bedtime bottle, to stop him waking in the night.

I am no expert, but DS is now 18 months, still wakes in the night, but we can settle him relatively easily - he usually ends up in our bed (not advised and something we are working on!!)

Does he have a bottle on waking at 5am or waits for his breakfast? It would be better that he had milk on waking at that age, as a good start to the day, which may reduce the quantity he has in the day - if I have added it up correctly, then he is having 28oz of milk - it must be costing you a fortune!! Maybe he needs more food in the day (my niece who was very petite could pack away more food than my mum in a day!)

mum2samandalex Mon 25-Aug-08 22:45:26

thankyou for the reply yeah he has milk at 5ish too and then gose back to sleep til 7ish and will have porridge for brekkie and then another bottle at 10ish then lunch etc.He is costing me loads its been a big shock as i was breastfeeding before.According to the formula information they only need a pint a day i dont know where he puts it all.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 25-Aug-08 22:46:42

when mine started waking on a night i put her on goodnight milk and it definately made a difference though it took a few days to settle back into her old routine.

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