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Dairy intolerance while breastfeeding?- advice please!

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emmabu Mon 25-Aug-08 10:42:14

Hi previously posted about my DD2 being a very fussy (breast) feeder. Now into the 6th week of fussing and crying (she is 3 months old),she was feeding ok at night which was a relief, but is now fussing at night as well, I am getting very down. sad

Tried her with the bottle but she is currently not taking it.

From the advise on my previous post, I am thinking it may be a dairy allergy, my question is- is a dairy allergy just related to cows milk products- can I use goats milk for instead?

Any advice very greatfully received, I am so running out of ideas and really struggling to keep on top!

RedHead81 Mon 25-Aug-08 14:35:07

HoochieMommaFeelGood gave me great advice about this (we thought DS2 might have an allergy to diary - however, I have cut out orange juice (and certain other fruits now)and it's much better.

I think goats milk is better but if it is dairy, then it's in LOADS of foods and is very difficult to avoid (but worth it)

Bump in the Hope that Momma will see this for you.


LittleMissBliss Mon 25-Aug-08 14:54:10

I had a dairy allergy as a child and i was fine on goats milk. I also drank soya milk and rice milk too.

LittleMissBliss Mon 25-Aug-08 14:55:13

I think dairy alergry is only related to lactos. Which is found in cows milk but not goats.

soph28 Mon 25-Aug-08 15:02:20

Hi, don't know if I posted on your previous thread but I have recently discovered my dd2 is dairy sensitive. However, I have found that by cutting down my dairy consumption and cutting out fruit juice (esp fresh orange) she is DRAMATICALLY different- it's amazing!

I have cut out all milk on cereal and drinks and limit cheese. I still have chocolate and am not too concerned about dairy in things. I don't eat yogurts.

As far as I know the sensitivity is usually only to milk proteins found in cow's milk only so other milks are fine.

I have bought soya formula for my dd (she is BF but use this as a backup in case I have no expressed milk and want to go out)

emmabu Mon 25-Aug-08 18:13:07

Thanks all

HoochieMommaFeelGood are you there?!

Sorry silly question blush , but any advice on what to eat/drink? I am also trying to cut out caffiene so not sure what I could drink if I cut out juice as well (apart from water), is fruit cordial ok? And yes dairy is in SOOO much- how can I manage breast feeding without cake or biscuits?!

Any recommendations on soya or goats milk formula? - Although DD2 currently refusing the bottle.

And, is it possible for DD2 to be tested for dairy intolerance? So far it is pretty much a self diagnosis thing as no GPs (seen 2) or HVs (seen 3) have even mentioned dairy intolerance.

NicknameAlreadyTaken Tue 26-Aug-08 15:09:24

emmabu, to cut out caffeine, try drinking herbal and fruit teas, like redbush, camomile, elderflower, linden, raspberry, etc, there are loads of tasty ones on the market.

Dairy is indeed present in many foods, including non-obvious things like crab sticks, some sausages, ham etc. So, always read the label and check allery advice information on pack.

There are lots of products with soya used instead of dairy, but those who have intolerance to dairy protein can often have intolerance to soya as well as to other milks (goats, etc) too. So, try eliminating dairy altogether and then, if it helps, try dairy-free alternatives based on soya and see if it's fine.

BTW, it can take up to 4 weeks for dairy protein to clear off your baby's body, because it takes 1-2 weeks to clear off your body first and then another 1-2 weeks to clear off your baby's. And if damage caused to your baby's gut is severe enough, it also will take time to heal, so you might not get a big improvement immediately.

I'm currently not eating dairy, soya, gluten, fruit and sugar, so no cakes wink and still breastfeeding.
I eliminated dairy when my baby was 2-3 months old, then tried introducing it again a month or two ago (my baby is 7 months old now) and got a reaction again, so am back to dairy-free.

Try also speaking to your HV and/or GP. Mine were pretty useless sad, but maybe you are more lucky.

wastingmyeducation Tue 26-Aug-08 15:39:37

I've cut out caffeine and that's helped my LO.

The Vegan Society produce a guide called the Animal Free Shopper , although they're waiting new stock according to the website. Of course this contains food with no eggs or meat either, but it's very useful if you find that the food you like has dairy, it can often provide an alternative. They also have cake cookbooks etc. (Used to be vegan years back, now just don't drink milk).
Hope that helps.


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