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Dieting and bf - I have a question

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Tryharder Sun 24-Aug-08 23:23:58

Have put on so much weight over last year and have really piled on the pounds since DS2 was born (all the pizzas, biscuits, cake and chocolate I'm afraid). Enough is enough, have now gone from being 'a bit big but OK' to 'fat'. Cant fit in any of my clothes. Is it OK to diet while bf and if I do so, will it affect my milk supply?

sunnytimer Sun 24-Aug-08 23:47:11

Message withdrawn

NellyTheElephant Sun 24-Aug-08 23:47:21

Definitely OK provided that you eat a healthy balanced diet - i.e. don't go on a crash diet. I didn't lose any weight at all while bf DD1 (I ate so much!), but with DD2 I did weight watchers while bf and couldn't believe how quickly the weight dropped off (even with all the extra points they allow you for bf). It didn't effect my milk supply at all.

Woooozle100 Sun 24-Aug-08 23:49:36

I am - dieting and bfing. ww advice was to wait till baby is over 6 months. Though can't see the harm if yr just cutting back on the crap and substituting more healthy nutritious foods in their place.

Am vaguely doing the ww core diet - which really is just common sense don't eat lard have a jacket spud instead oh and don't be a hog stop eating when yr full. Am not too strict with it and eat when I'm hungry. Am exercising as well and weight is coming off fairly quickly. Still feeding fine (ds is 10 mo)

susiecutiebananas Sun 24-Aug-08 23:53:59

just to add another yes to this. Slimming world have special rules for BF ( breast Feeding not big fat wink wink ) women. I only wish I'd started it before I got so overweight.

I did do slimming world a few years ago, after a long period of immobility ( therefore putting on too much weight) I lost 3 stone really easily, by strictly following it. You do lose weight even if you give yourself a day off a week, on SW.

I kept all the weight off until after I had DD and was BF. ( still am 19 months later wink ) Ididn't gain a lb when PG. so p'd off that I have now. Hoever, its not so much to do with eating crap, but again due to very reduced mobility. So a diet such as SW would not work for me right now as I eat fairly balanced diet and not actually un healthily. I just take in more calories than I burn up... So i'd need to have a huge calorie reduction diet to work. Which is what i am starting next week

SO, good luck, go for it now and do it in a structured enviroment such as SW. I suggest that as you really can eat pretty much everything. You ca eat eough food to actually make you feel bloody full, and still lose weight. Honestly, truly it works.

3andnomore Sun 24-Aug-08 23:56:09

Only thing to remember is, that loosing weight t fast is not good!
it should be between 1/2Ib to 1 Ibs.....when you loose weight you automatically detox to some extend, as all the toxins we store are stored in the, when we loose weight those toxins get released, and to muh is not a good thing.
Basically the toxins go into our blood and milk is build from our blood, so to say!

Tryharder Mon 25-Aug-08 00:02:05

Thanks ladies for your advice. I used to do slimming world and it was very good but in reality I just need to stop eating crap and perhaps start swimming again. The evenings are the worst. I was really, really good today and had 3 healthy meals and snacked on fruit but have just ruined it as DH has just opened a pack of custard creams and between us we have nearly polished off the packet... AAaargh. Where is my willpower??? I shouldnt buy biscuits but DH lives on cakes/biscuits and has 5 sugars in his tea and is still skinny.

chipmonkey Mon 25-Aug-08 01:08:26

TH, can you ask your dh to not eat biscuits and cakes at home, maybe have a pack stashed in work for himself? It is so hard to resist them when they're sitting there winking at you!
Another vote for Weight Watchers here. Normally at my weight, I would be allowed 20 points but am fully bfing ds4 so am allowed a whopping 30 points. I use up around 26 on a day to day basis and "save up" the extra points for treats and meals out. And even with that, I am losing weight.

NeuroMum Tue 26-Aug-08 16:37:15

Tryharder - I feel your pain! My DH is a skinny rake and can munch his way through fields of biscuits and cakes and not put a pound on. Hope DD gets his metabolism and not mine! I've recently taken to buying him biscuits that I'm not that keen on (difficult to find these, admittedly grin). Perhaps you have an aversion to jammy dodgers or something that you can feed your DH on, and you won't be tempted?

I have a bit of a problem with digestive biscuits (proper full on addiction) but have replaced the 5 biscuits I would have with my morning tea with a chocolate Nutrigrain bar... a slight chocolate hit.

Having said that... I haven't lost any weight in the process.... so perhaps I should go back to the digestives??

springerspaniel Wed 27-Aug-08 08:46:33

I did WW last time. Am trying to get some motivation to do it this time. I started when DS1 was about 8 weeks old because I felt fine. Having done WW, before baby, it was wonderful to have the extra 10 points from breastfeeding.

This time is harder. Have a toddler. Not sure if I have the mental energy to be organised enough to diet. Is much easier to just reach for the biscuits in some kind of sleepy daze. :-(

HolidaysQueen Wed 27-Aug-08 09:41:00

I didn't know that you could bf and do WW at the same time! This is fab news I lost 2 stone on WW a few years ago and kept it off (until pg...) and love it. DS now 5 months and soon to be weaned so I now want to lose the 7-10lbs I still have from pregnancy. I used to do WW meetings then maintained weight just from using the website - does the website have all the details on bf allowances?

Tryharder Wed 27-Aug-08 23:49:24

The main problem for me is that bf makes me genuinely hungry and I really dont have the time to cook proper meals so just eat toast so am hungry again an hour later so raid the biscuit tin. I cant rely on DP to cook as he has to ask how to boil an egg the useless so and so. When I had DS1 the weight just dropped off afterwards and i can remember feeling smug because I was back in my slim jeans about a month after the birth. The little girl who lives next door saw a photo of DS1 aged 3 months at the time and me which was taken in 2004. She said who's that. I said it's me. She said, oh you looked so pretty....(note the past tense) The sad truth is that I am not a yummy mummy! But hey, the children are worth itsmile.

KVC Thu 28-Aug-08 09:07:06

Message withdrawn

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