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Restarting bf after 6 wk, is it doable?

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ohmamma Sun 24-Aug-08 12:17:54

hello all!

my little boy after 2 weeks from birth stopped to latch on, nothing could work for him,... several hipotesis behind, but now that he is 6wk old, we had few cranio-ost sessions, he grew a lot, getting better with wind and poo,... seems all of a sudden happy to work on the boob but my milk production is now pretty poor. I kept expressing but lately i lost fate and i was doing 1 or 2 a day... so now that he is keen i havent got good flow and much quantity to offer.

I will visit a b councelor on Tues, but i wonder if it is a lost battle???

They say good food, water and rest should do it, though I pretty much in my own as we dont have family and my hubby works long hours. What kind of support should i look for at this point? maternity nurse after 6 wk sounds wrong? night nanny? or should i try to look after the baby and eat, drink and rest well?????

jellyrolly Sun 24-Aug-08 16:20:26

Well done and glad to hear your ds is thriving.

I expressed for 2 months before my ds1 latched on so I say yes, it is doable.

You are right about looking after yourself, eat well, drink loads of water. If you are able to, lots of skin to skin would help.

As you are on your own though, maybe you could mix feed and then if bfing doesn't work out you still have the option of a bottle. Good luck.

lulumama Sun 24-Aug-08 16:22:45

have a google of biological nurturing, that might be a help

lots of skin to skin, baby to breast a lot, and pumping too. offering formula at this stage could well carry on undermining re-establishing breastfeeding..

you need to really perservere and it is possible

DisplacementActivity Sun 24-Aug-08 16:24:44

Message withdrawn

lulumama Sun 24-Aug-08 16:48:26

tiktok has put some really excellent advice on the other thread you posted.. definitely listen to her!

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