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BITING: ouch and help

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MotherElk Sat 23-Aug-08 21:37:50

My DD is 6 mths and is the proud owner of two lovely teeth, we are all very pleased with these little pearls and she has coped well with it all..
except...and you know what I'm going to say..

She's biting my nipples - purely by accident. The awful thing is that I automatically yelp (because it flipping hurts) - and she looks at me, horror-struck - and starts crying, real big sobs with proper tears and is pretty much inconsolable for a few minutes.

BFing after this is pretty difficult, swapping sides sometimes works. But it's beginning to ruin each feed, my left boob in particular is in the wars after one bite today left it bleeding...

Any suggestions? Does it pass?
I know she is just working out her teeth because she's biting herself by accident too which leads to tears...
But it's pretty blimin painful and I just want us to have a couple more months of nice feeds with little smiles and eye contact like we've had...

gagarin Sat 23-Aug-08 21:45:32

She'll soon learn not to do it - so no need to be brave! She will put two and two together and change her feeding technique accordingly.

Prob happens when she's not latched on right at the end/beginning of a feed - as when feeding her tongue should be over her lower gum if she's feeding well - and she'd bite herself in that case!

hope she gets the hang of it soon.

willthisdo Sat 23-Aug-08 21:49:06

Othertip is that if she clamps down, try to resist the urge to push her away, instead pull her into your body, thus covering her nose and forcing her to open her mouth again grin

willthisdo Sat 23-Aug-08 21:49:42

should have said - it does pass (thankfully)

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