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Feeling guilty and really confused regarding ff.

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kegs82 Fri 22-Aug-08 22:26:23

I'm 28wks with DC3 and have started looking at feeding options. I managed just over 2 weeks bf DD1 before my milk dried up and with DD2 milk never came in. I gave DD1 C&G as that was what my family had always used and gave DD2 Aptimil as was informed by HV and other ffing mothers that it was best on market.

I've been looking through past threads on formula and have read about the ingredients that formula has and now feel guilty for using these for my DD's and confused as to what I should give DC3. I'm hoping that my milk will come in and wont dry up early but want to be prepared incase formula is needed. I've already made decision to use Dr Brown's bottles as DD2 had really bad colic.

From what I've read Hipp Organic infant seems to be a better choice as it has not been messed about with and seems to be better regulated due to organic tag. Is this a good choice or are they really all much the same?

Sorry post so long especially since not posted in months. Really confused and will appreciate any advice/comments.

TIA smile

Mummyfor3 Sat 23-Aug-08 12:23:05

All FF really much the same, just different marketing taking advantage of vulnerable woman feeling much like you do I'd imagine smile.

Do not feel guilty; you sound like a committed mother who wants the best for her DCs and you are doing the right thing by doing your "research" before DCs arrival.

If you would like to give BFing another go why not contact La Leche Legue/Association of BF mothers/local BF adviser now? Also look up "kellymom" and "brithden (Dr Jack Newman)" on line and follow links to BFing. I found all that v helpful.

I am currently BFing DS3 who is now 5 months old. I cannot tell you how proud I am that this seems to be working out for us this time as my BF experience for his 2 older brothers was rubbish. With hindsight I think my "failure" to successfully BF the other 2 any length of time was partially due to unrealistic expectations on my part (he cannot possibly be hungry again? I do not have enough milk etc), poor support and information and partially circumstances (preemie baby, long story, won't bore you).

If you decide for whatever reason that BF is not for you, then FF whichever brand you fancy, there really is no difference (organic no better than other as all baby food v tightly regulated re insecticides etc).

As a final thought, look up on Kellymom "reasons to be proud of yourself for Bfing" or similar: if you BF you DC once, for 1 day, 1 weeks, 1 month or longer than that you are doing them some good and deserve a pat on the back.

BTW, I only started enjoying Bfing DS3 when he was almost 3 months old and I finally had the confidence to trust my body and not think that every time he cries he is hungry.

So, just be a good enough mother to your new baby when she/he arrives. Good luck, I hope you reach a decision you are happy with. smile

Mummyfor3 Sat 23-Aug-08 12:23:46

Also, lots of brilliant BF gurus on MN. Look out for Tiktok and Hunker grin.

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