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"I assume you're not breastfeeding at all anymore"

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StellaWasADiver Thu 21-Aug-08 10:47:09

said the doctor this morning at DSs 10 month check

"oh yes", said I

"Oh! That's brilliant! HArdly anyone does for this long but I shouldn't have assumed - that's really great, good for you"

CvQ Thu 21-Aug-08 10:51:04


BellaBear Thu 21-Aug-08 10:53:40

I thought it was going to be a snarky comment thread!


Good for you, Stella! Always nice to have a bit of a boost about these things too.

Wish I'd been able to carry on past 4 months, I miss it even now (he refused to stay still, would push himself off me whilst latched on, so it was getting just too sore/difficult) Ah well, there's always next time- and next time I hope to follow your example!

VictorianSqualor Thu 21-Aug-08 11:07:15

Was A there to hear this?wink

ilovemydog Thu 21-Aug-08 11:10:06

quite right, 'shouldn't have assumed...'


But lovely he/she back tracked....

StellaWasADiver Thu 21-Aug-08 12:18:44

Oh I was surprised, he seems so prim and old-fashioned I thought he might be a bottle-pusher so I was expecting to get defensive!

VS, sadly not, but we've been talking lately and I think he might be relaxing about the whole thing. Things are certainly a lot better anyway

MerlinsBeard Thu 21-Aug-08 12:21:33

i had to read the OP twice before i understood properly
Bloody well done you1 I am at 6 months so far and it has ben a rollercoaster

ilovemydog Thu 21-Aug-08 12:34:30

Yes, well done! smile

DS is 6 months today, but am hoping to continue as long as possible....

scorpio1 Thu 21-Aug-08 12:35:55

Well done, and so nice to get some nice comments! dd is 4 months and im hoping to do it at least until she is 1.

PinkTulips Thu 21-Aug-08 12:44:16

that's lovely smile

was at my antenatal visit the other day and was really pleased to see the literature on bf they were giving out, all really positive, all the facts correct, promoting feeding til 2 years and beyond, warnig that the first few weeks are rocky but it gets better (when i had dd we were told if it hurts you're doing it wrong and if they need to feed more than once every 2 hours they're not getting enough!)

and when i told the mw i was still feeding ds at 2 she didn't seem a bit surprised (unlike the mw when i was preg with ds who was horrified to discover i'd fed til 1 year hmm and disgusted that i'd considered going longer sad)

really like this hospital compared to the one i had the other 2 dcs in!

have to wonder how much of a lentil weaver i come across as though when i went to the hospital when ds was 1 for a sprained ankle the doctor offered me pain killers and i refused as i was still bf-ing. she replied 'yes i presumed you were tbh' hmm

VictorianSqualor Thu 21-Aug-08 12:52:09

Oh great, I am pleasedsmile
It's because you passed your test, he's worried you'll run him overgrin

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