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Soya Milk for a 21month old

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Nappyzoneneedssleep Thu 21-Aug-08 10:15:06

Is soya milk sufficient nutritionally for a say 21 month old - baring in mind the only milk he has anyway is a splash on his brekky and 8 oz in a beaker at bed. He has what looks like reactive eczema onhis face and a little on his trunk, moved onto cows milk for his 8oz bedtime beverage about 8 weeks ago and this has been going on the last 5 with his eczema on his facee. We switched to soya about a week ago that you buy in chiller cabinet in tesco (not formula) and he seems to be clearing but now hv has suggested not so good as his main drink and should go back to follow on until nearer 24months? Anyone any experience of this. Switched to follow on milk for his nightime last night and bloody great blotch on his face again today arghhhhhhhhhhh

Roskva Thu 21-Aug-08 13:06:36

No, it's not, as most brands aren't fortified with calcium and minerals. It would be better to use soya formula instead. Most supermarkets don't stock it, but chemists usually do.

MissisBoot Thu 21-Aug-08 13:15:50

Alpro has added calcium as does tesco brand.

I think it would be fine as long as the rest of his diet is varied and is getting wide range of nutrients from different sources.

Nappyzoneneedssleep Thu 21-Aug-08 13:19:48

yes i picked ones specifically with added calcium in tesco. Waiting for hv to ring me. He has a good diet and eats for england.

MissisBoot Thu 21-Aug-08 16:32:04

I'd say you'd be fine then!

mmelody Thu 21-Aug-08 19:42:43

We use Alpo soya blue.. has added calcium and vit D. Alpro red does not have added stuff. You can buy it in ALL supermarkets. I wouldnt use soya formula.. do a google search on its evils!

Nappyzoneneedssleep Thu 21-Aug-08 19:47:10

Hiya i spoke to HV late this afty following rash re appaearance who advised me against the whole soya thing - i said it wasnt formula it was alpro soya and she told me about hormones and stuff and research into it that isnt favourable at the mo so for the time being im stickin to his follow on. Im all of a fuggle with it now. I have an appt with our gp eczema specialist onthe 1st sept. sad.

mmelody Thu 21-Aug-08 19:48:59

The hormones and stuff are related to the production of the FORMULA not Alpro soya!

mmelody Thu 21-Aug-08 19:50:48

Nappyzoneneedssleep Thu 21-Aug-08 19:51:50

Oh i will have to wait to see our guy in Sept (and google like a psycho inthe mean time). Knowing my luck he will have some way out reaction and i will get my ass rapped over it. Thanks for your input i have apreciated it smile

TheProvincialLady Thu 21-Aug-08 19:55:23

I bought some soya formula for my dairy intolerant DS and would not give it to him when I read the ingredients - first ingredient glucose (sugar), second ingredient sugar! What a load of rubbish. I now use Alpro calcium fortified soya milk and if I had any concerns about his vitamin/iron levels - which I don't because he is a champion eater - I would give him vitamin drops rather than formula.

I think your HV is probably not that well informed - they are not experts.

Nappyzoneneedssleep Thu 21-Aug-08 20:00:10

How old is your ds then theprovinciallady when he had it as his main drink?

mmelody Thu 21-Aug-08 20:02:00

Hi.. if you are going to be googling.. start
here. ies/
I gave up dairy while BF my DS when he was SO
unsettled and collicky. It worked and I continued with the dairy free. I googled and googled some more about milk.. On the few occasions my son tried dairy he came out in a rash immediately. He is 13 months now and has half brestmilk half alpro soay.. will eventually wean him onto alro soya. The white lies report used to available in pdf format but it costs a fiver to download it now I think.

I hope it all works out for you smile

Nappyzoneneedssleep Thu 21-Aug-08 20:17:31


TheProvincialLady Thu 21-Aug-08 20:45:02

I stopped BF at 18 months so he has had Alpro since then. He is now 24m. My DS doesn't like soya milk as a drink but he has it on his cereal and in cooking. He has the occasional chocolate Alpro soya milkshake.

We saw an NHS dietician who said it was completely fine.

thisisyesterday Thu 21-Aug-08 20:46:42

actually, there are worries about soya generally, not just in formula.

we use oat milk because it is literally just oats, water and tiny bit of salt. you can get a version now with added calcium etc. (oatly) available in sainsburys and tesco

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