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Does anyone wear a breastfeeding necklace?

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rickman Wed 16-Feb-05 17:23:00

Message withdrawn

posyhairdresser Wed 16-Feb-05 17:36:06


beansprout Wed 16-Feb-05 17:37:42

I'm interested in this rickman as ds just sort of constantly paws at me at the moment which isn't that nice. I end up holding his hand but I'm just restraining him when he clearly wants something!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 16-Feb-05 17:53:52

I've looked at them online - basically they're just necklaces with interesting beads on them. I might try to wear something like that ... only DS2 barely feeds long enough to bother ...

posyhairdresser, a breastfeeding necklace is a necklace made for babies to fiddle with while feeding, to keep them from pulling hair etc.

sallystrawberry Wed 16-Feb-05 17:54:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

posyhairdresser Wed 16-Feb-05 18:03:46

ahh I see! Thanks for the explanation!

popsycal Wed 16-Feb-05 18:11:19

pooh there was a thread by a WAHM who did necklaces...hold on

popsycal Wed 16-Feb-05 18:13:31

\lino{\look at jewellery then colections then feng shui harmony necklace...}

and pooh was a mis type

popsycal Wed 16-Feb-05 18:13:55


rickman Wed 16-Feb-05 18:51:32

Message withdrawn

lockets Wed 16-Feb-05 18:53:29

Message withdrawn

hushh Wed 16-Feb-05 19:20:33

Sorry I just had to come onto this thread to see what one was! Aren't they lovely !

popsycal Wed 16-Feb-05 19:22:17

oh i like them too!!!
i want the one on my link though

SPARKLER1 Wed 16-Feb-05 19:23:40

Haven't heard of these before. What a lovely idea!

NameChangingMancMidlander Wed 16-Feb-05 19:25:02

They are a great idea

Twiglett Wed 16-Feb-05 19:25:18

Well I never

what will they think of next?

<Twiglett rapidly turns into her own mother>

Casmie Wed 16-Feb-05 20:19:10

What a bloody good idea! Have just ordered one...

marthamoo Wed 16-Feb-05 20:32:26

Can I have one even though I stopped breast-feeding 2 years ago and am not having any more babies? They are lovely!

Casmie Wed 16-Feb-05 20:36:03

Don't see why not!!

misdee Wed 16-Feb-05 20:40:09

very tempted by the butterfly one.

Casmie Wed 16-Feb-05 20:48:49

I've ordered the serenity one - only put through the order and realise it didn't allow postage for UK delivery. Have emailed her and hope the extra postage isn't too dear.

Even so - worked out just under £20 on Paypal (without the UK postage) - just about impulse purchasable threshhold for me . I love simple gemstone jewellry anyway, had some very nice pieces from another online shop in the states (not kiddie safe ones though) but they started doing minimum orders of $100 and I just couldn't afford that for the occasional one off "treat".

rickman Wed 16-Feb-05 20:58:09

Message withdrawn

NameChangingMancMidlander Wed 16-Feb-05 21:06:58

Serenity is v girly

I'm with misdee on the the butterfly one. I'd prefer it, but not sure about the baby's preference with it being white and not brightly coloured.

Casmie Wed 16-Feb-05 21:10:06

It's really hard to choose, isn't it!

Casmie Wed 16-Feb-05 21:11:04

NCMM I know I know... but I'm not girly very often... just thought it looked really very pretty Like the ring ones too... maybe next purchase ahem

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