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How to wean DD aged 3

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d1156075795531b003508 Mon 18-Aug-08 21:06:11

Hello, well I said I'd breastfeed until 2 years, then 2 became 3 and here I am. DD only feeds at bedtime (usually goes to sleep at the breast) and 1 feed during the night. It's mostly a comfort thing for her now, but it's getting really embarrassing when we have guests in the evening and dd asks for "boobies" (I could kill DH for teaching her that), I'm like a freak to everyone else I know (who all stopped before the first year). Also I am going to work conference for 5 days later this year and my breasts are going to kill me if I don't wean before. Any tips on stopping at this age? I've said to her that 'big girls' don't have boobies and she makes comments about stopping soon but always asks (and then cries if I try and distract her). Thanks for any advice

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