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Advice on DD 11 months formula intake

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MidgetGem Mon 18-Aug-08 20:53:32

Hi there, DD 11 months old. She is now establised on 3 solid meals a day, although her appetite does vary day to day. My only concern is that she is down to one 9ozs bottle a day at bedtime. I offer her cups of milk mid morning and midafternoon and she takes a few sips but mothing more. She has milky porridge or weatabix at brekkie (won't touch milk from bottle or cup first thing!)and yoghurt and sometimes cheese throughout the day. Is the level of milk she is still getting OK? I just wondered what other peoples 11 month children were drinking. Thank you

bettybee Mon 18-Aug-08 21:00:16

personally it sounds like shes getting plenty of calcium and eating very well
so i think one bottle is fine. my dd2 is 14 months and only has one bottle (cows milk now though)
and has only been having one bottle since she was about 12 months. dairylee triangles are very good
for calcium and my dd`s love them, petit filous also very good, as long as she is having yogurt
and cheese etc i think fine

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