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Whats your 8 month old's feeding routine? How much do they have? Sleeping involved too.

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Nbg Mon 18-Aug-08 12:18:26

I wasnt sure where to put this because it involves food and sleep too.

DS2 has an 8oz bottle at 6am ish or when he wakes and then only another one at teatime.
He will then wake at 10pm ish and then 2am, sometimes 4am and then 6am and each time he wants a bottle.
I've tried settling him with just his dummy but he screams and screams until he has a bottle and he drinks it all.

He does have 3 meals too. Only small amounts but he enjoys them.

I decided last night that I want to stop the night wakings because I am shattered now.
So the plan is that he has his bottle at 6am or whenever he wakes as normal, then I will give him more at 10am, 2pm and then 6pm, plus his meals.
So far its going well and he's had the 10am bottle and some lunch. The test will be if he wants one at 2pm and teatime as well.

I am interested to know what others do at this age and how they sleep?
How much milk do they have?
When do you give it?
Are they having "meals"?
How do they sleep?
Whats your time routine?


Nbg Mon 18-Aug-08 12:41:18


Seona1973 Mon 18-Aug-08 13:14:49

at 8 months ds had just given up his night-time bottle and had 4 day bottles at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7.15pm. He had meals at around 7.45am (breakfast), 12noon(lunch) and 5pm(dinner). He had a couple of naps a day at around 9.30am and then after lunch. His bedtime was (and still is) around 7.15/7.30pm.

Nbg Mon 18-Aug-08 13:28:30

Ahh ok then.
So thats pretty much what we're going to be doing.

I wasnt sure if all them bottles would have been too much.

skirmish Mon 18-Aug-08 13:38:25

hey nbg - long time no see...

ds2 has 3 bottles a day, each 7oz.
one at 7.30am, 3pm, 6pm

3 meals inbetween - breakfast at 8.30ish, lunch at 12ish and dinner at 4.30pm.

Breakfast is one weetabix, lunch is usually toast/hot cross bun/pitta etc and a pureed fruit pot, dinner is whatever - pasta/potatoes/fish etc

sleeps at 9am - 10am, then 1pm - 2.30pm and bed around 6.30pm til 7.30am though he does generally wake around 5.30am wanting to get up and am currently trying the 'wake to sleep' thing


firststeps Mon 18-Aug-08 13:58:03

Hi Nbg

DS2 is 8.5 months. His routine is usually:

6-7am wake up and 5-6oz formula

7-8am - breakfast usually yoghurt, toast and fruit

9/9.30 nap for 30mins to an hour, has a drink of water and a piece of cheese when he wakes up

12.00 hot lunch meat/fish + veg and either yoghurt or biscuit to finish. Water or fruit juice to drink

1.00 - 2.30 - nap, can be half an hour, can be an hour and a half depending on his frame of mind!! Usually wake him by 2.45 the rare occasions he sleeps past so he has his bottle but it doesn't put him off his tea

2.30 - 5oz formula and a biscuit

4.30/5.00 - tea - usually picky bits like bread and philadelphia, cheese on toast, beans, pasta. Pot of custart to finish

6.30 - 9oz formula and usually in bed by 7pm

He usually sleeps all night unless poorly or teething but is usually awake by 6am. I don't mind this though as I would rather have the evening to myself as I have a 2.8 year old as well and am usually fit to rop by 7pm grin. He does eat quite a lot though compared to when DS1 was the same age - written down all it looks like he does is eat!!! HTH

skirmish Mon 18-Aug-08 14:00:25

forgot to say that he has snacks inbetween - raisons, rice cakes, crakers, fruit, cheese etc...and yoghurt after dinner

Nbg Mon 18-Aug-08 14:08:34

Ey up skirmish!
It has been a long time. How are you doing?

So it seems that this amount of milk is about right then.
For some reason I was thinking that it was too much.
Its amazing how quickly you forget these things when you have other children.

Well he's now having another bottle and nodding off at the same time so today has gone well.
That means so far he has had, 8 oz at 6am, up at 8:30 and breakfast, 8oz at 10, lunch at 12pm ish and I would guess he'll be drinking another 8oz now (he's cuddled up in the front room so I darent disturb him).

Skirmish, how does he do with raisins?
I darent give him them yet. The only snacks I've given him are rice cakes, rusks blush digestive biscuit and then he'll get bits to pick at as well as a spoon fed meal.

skirmish Mon 18-Aug-08 14:12:19

doing ok - just getting on with it though blardy bored of this weather and keeping kids locked indoors!

raisins are fine - i was scared to give them to him at first but ds1 left them on the floor and ds2 is our very own hoover and just gobbled them up. Every now and again a very sucked raisin drops out of his mouth (like, 30mins after he started eating them) but he just pops it back in! He's much better at feeding himself than ds2 was - he'll eat peas/cheerios etc with his fingers

how you doing? sounds like the nights are an absolute nightmare!!

Nbg Mon 18-Aug-08 15:21:13

lol at the raisins being in there a long time grin
I might give ds2 a go when he wakes up.

Its ok here. Its ds1 thats the nightmare tbh. A real handful he is, although he does sleep.
Ds2 has just got into the habit of waking and we cant quite break it. I'm hoping this will work.
He used to sleep through but then stopped.
I'm too knackered now to continue with it tbh.
Ds1 was an horrendous sleeper and it was only just before ds2 arrived that he slept through, so I feel like I've had 2 years of no sleep lol.

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