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up to 3 bottles during the night

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joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 11:07:31

Any body any ideas how I can get ds away from the bottle at night. He can go through up to 3 a night. I have tried watering them down but with no luck. If I do not get ds them he goes mad and I can not stick the crying. He is 19 months old and has never slept a full night. At times I feel like banging my head against the brick wall.
The Hv has not been much use.

hercules Tue 15-Feb-05 11:08:14

At that age, I would stick with the crying.

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 11:12:15

When he cries he ends up being sick. I have had depression since he was 8 weeks old and can not cope with the crying even if some one else has him.

hercules Tue 15-Feb-05 11:13:47

I wouldnt worry about the sick too much. 3 bottles seems an awful lot for that age and it must be disturbing his sleep as well as yours.

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 11:15:26

What do I do just ignore him?

Sponge Tue 15-Feb-05 11:15:28

It seems unlikely he needs 3 night feeds at his age so it probably is just habit now.
Unfortunately to break habits in infants does involve quite a bit of crying/screaming and you just have to be strong (or get ear plugs ).
We had to go through a couple of sleep training episodes with dd and both involved 2 or three nights when she screamed the house down for hours until she exhausted herself, but on night 3/4 miraculously she slept through.
Good luck and be strong.

hercules Tue 15-Feb-05 11:16:19

I've not been through this myself but I'm sure you'll get constructive advice from others.

Sponge Tue 15-Feb-05 11:18:52

Yes I'm afraid you just ignore him. It's heartbreaking and exhausting but it does resolve itself quite quickly IME and is worth it in the long run.
You could try cutting down to say one bottle but I think that would just be prolonging the association.
Given his age could you leave him a cup? Can he feed himself?

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 11:24:58

He will not take milk out of a cup. He will only take a few sips from his cup during the day. He is really hard work. I had no problems like this with my 6 year old.

nailpolish Tue 15-Feb-05 11:34:11

could you give him bottles of water? maybe he will get fed up of that and just give up.

have you tried giving him a comforter like a blanket? both my dd's have comfort blankets and it helps them get back to sleep

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 11:36:01

He is very determined and will not entertain anything else. I will maybe try the water tonight.

loujay Tue 15-Feb-05 11:37:17

joesy, I can sympathise with you, my DD is 18 months and has only just started sleeping throught the night. I am sorry to say that the only way I got her to do this was to leave her to cry.
First night 15 mins then I went in and settled her and then left her for 30 mins then back in again to settle her, she went off after 15 more mins.
Second night 30 mins then went in and settled then left for 45 mins and then settled.
third night she slept through and then 4th night left her for 1 hour before i went in.
It was the hardest thing I have done, I have got some timed music thing that I put on for the first 2 nights when I left the room, do you have something like that??
I feel for you and send big hugs, please be assured that this really does work (I resisted for ages before trying it), the milk thing is maybe just something he has got used to, my DD doesnt have any milk during the day apart from on her breakfast, then a bottle at night.
Hope this helps a bit.

motherinferior Tue 15-Feb-05 11:39:03

If he's used to three bottles, taking them away will be a huge shock - I know you've had no luck watering them down but I think that has to be the way to go. He really doesn't need night feeds at his age and you can't keep going like this.

motherinferior Tue 15-Feb-05 11:39:36

My dd2 is the same age and hardly drinks milk at all.

mears Tue 15-Feb-05 11:48:05

joesy - how does he eat during the day? Quite often babies who do not eat well actually fill themselves up with milk. Reducing the milk improves the eating but it is hard work.
He certainly does not need the milk at night so I would offer watre only. He will scream the pace down but you have to be firm. If all he is going to get is water, he will eventually give up but it will not happen overnight.
Do you have a husband/partner? He can help you do this so that one of you is able to get some sleep at a time. Be firm.

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 11:58:04

His appetite is very poor due to him drinking so much. Where have i gone wrong this time round?

mears Tue 15-Feb-05 12:01:03

joesy - it's not so much that you have done anything wrong but that you have given into him to make life easier 'cause you haven't been feeling well. When you feel depressed the last thing you have energy for is battling it out with a baby. However, you can turn this around but you need help to do it. Is there family close by? DP/DH?

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 12:07:01

DH feels that I am the only one he will settle with at night as he cries and cries with him. So I am Up and down all night with DS. Also DH is working and he says he needs his sleep were as I am still off with pnd. I end up sleeping in the double bed in DS room every night to try and make it easier.

Sponge Tue 15-Feb-05 12:28:51

I would go back to your own bed.
Firstly it will begin to send the message to ds that you're not there to wait on him all night and secondly you will hear the crying a bit less.
You can still get up for him from time to time so that dh can sleep if that's what suits the two of you but you will have to warn dh before you embark on this that there will be some severe sleep disruption for both of you for two or three nights. Probably best to start on a weekend so you can both catch up with naps in the day if necessary.

HappyMumof2 Tue 15-Feb-05 13:16:04

Message withdrawn

joesy Tue 15-Feb-05 18:33:31

It is great to get support from others and know you are out there. I just found this site by chance a few nights ago. Thanks guys.

joesy Wed 16-Feb-05 10:18:56

Well last night ds had a bottle going to bed and then each time he woke he had water apart from 1.30am he had about half a bottle of milk. He was ready for his breakfast this morning. SO FAR HE HAS HAD NO BOTTLE. I have gave him apple juice in a cup but he has not touched it.

HappyMumof2 Wed 16-Feb-05 10:30:13

Message withdrawn

mears Thu 17-Feb-05 09:48:08

How's it going joesy?

joesy Thu 17-Feb-05 15:12:11

Last night He was in really bad form ds had 1.5 bottles before going to bed. I took a bottle of water up with me, but when he woke around 2.30 there was no way he was taking the water he was wanting his botty bo as he calls it. I had to give in as there was no way he was going back to sleep he was just yelling. see how it goes tonight.

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