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Teeth marks on my nipple

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MrsJamin Thu 14-Aug-08 17:25:30

7 MO DS has had 6 teeth come through in the last 2 weeks. Now I've got one nipple with a bite in (from his lower teeth which came through previously), which I've got antibiotics for, but still hurts like hell, especially when feeding.

Now I've noticed teeth marks from his top teeth after a feed - I thought I was getting the latch right but this surely can't be right can it?

Is the only thing I can do go and see someone to check my latch? I've read the bit on kellymom and am none the wiser whether I'm doing it 'right'.

idontbelieveit Thu 14-Aug-08 17:30:39

I'm still feeding my 26 month old dd, I regularly have teeth marks after a feed, I think when teeth are coming through they do tend to bite a bit. Now dds teeth are through I don't have any pain but can quite often see bite marks.

it's probably not that he's biting just that his teeth are resting there.

Gmakes3 Thu 14-Aug-08 18:30:16

I went through a stage when DD was about 12 months when I noticed teeth marks and it hurt like hell I had to try and favour the other side and try slightly different positions to avoid the sore spot. It calmed down after a couple of weeks. Shes 22 months now and I still see teeth marks but no pain anymore. Once your bite heals hopefully the pain will go aswell. If you have both been doing this for 7 months I would think the latch would be ok and its the teething that caused the biting. Have you got a local B/F support group? we have one at the local Childrens Centre, they have support helpers trained by La Leche, might be worth trying to find out if you have one.

GreenMonkies Thu 14-Aug-08 18:36:47

When they get teeth, especially top teeth, it changes the shape of thier mouth and they sometimes need to re-learn thier latch. Make sure the head is tipped back, chin up, so that thier chin is touching your boob and not their nose, if you see what I mean?

You may have to focus on this for a few days/week or so, watch him as he nurses, when he stops actively feeding pay close attention, and unlatch him if you can feel his teeth, top or bottom.

I sometimes have to remind my (nearly) 5 year old "chin up" now and then, but it's not a daily thing, so it does pass.


MrsJamin Thu 14-Aug-08 18:39:10

Yes, there's a local BF group but to be honest I didn't find the lady that helpful. I think I might go again and see if they can help further. The wound is just not healing though (sorry if tmi) - it's weaping through a hole wider than 1 mm in diameter hmm - it doesn't really heal from feed to feed.

I think I got a bit lazy on the latch, like he wasn't far enough on, I think I just have to be more disciplined and make sure I'm sitting up straight, his head's square on and not too far from where he should be. I just don't want it to get any worse so I'm tempted to give up rather than put up with the pain

StealthPolarBear Thu 14-Aug-08 18:56:24

i have perm teeth marks, like a tattoo. they dont hurt though, ouch if they did!

GreenMonkies Thu 14-Aug-08 19:04:07


is it possible you have thrush in the nipple wound? that sounds sore! Could you not feed from it for a day, just express and use the other boob? What about a moer BN position, that would stop him sliding down your nipple.

He will stop this, it won't last long I promise.


MrsJamin Fri 15-Aug-08 08:34:15

Thanks for the advice Monkies - it is very sore! I'm having to have ibuprofen otherwise it just hurts even walking around/bending down. I have tried expressing and it seems to hurt more - I'd rather he fed from that side than inflicting the pain on myself!

I'll see whether it gets any better from the antibiotics then look into whether it's thrush. Lansinoh seems to be helping too.

He only really bites when teething so hopefully this is only a phase, as you say, as he's got all 8 incisors through now.

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