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My Chunky Monkey

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BabiesEverywhere Thu 14-Aug-08 15:22:34

I am happy to report that at five days old DS has regained his birth weight of 10lbs 1ozs !!!

I am so pleased as it took several months to get to grips with nursing my DD and we had many problems with thrush, cracked nipples, etc etc.

In contrast this time, we have no real problems, just one small milk blister (already burst and healing) and slight soreness of nipples whilst DS learns to latch properly.

Midwife expressed surprise that we had no idea when or how long I nursed for...I just go with the flow and if he asks I feed him.

And we had the standard 'he just using you as a dummy' with a tut. (Erm no he is using a breast for the intended purpose)

Anyhow just wanted to share my good news

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 14-Aug-08 15:26:20

Well done both of you smile

Sounds like your MW needs educating.

BabiesEverywhere Thu 14-Aug-08 15:33:18

Yep, I agree.

Interesting that both midwifes commented how calm and content he is...I am sure that is related to the fact that he gets as much access to cuddles/milk as he wants.

LaTrucha Thu 14-Aug-08 15:36:04

Well done you and DS!

chloeb2002 Fri 15-Aug-08 09:00:21

thats fab, i had a similar tale with dd and now ds born 9lb 7oz didnt loose any weight and at 16 weeks now weighs.. sorry dont know it in lbs but 8kg! size of the average 6 month old bub.. ver happy but does feed non stop.. sore nipples yes at times but mostly due to a bout of thrush, he was an emergency section and i had lots of anti biotics afterwards.. so keep it up!

kiskidee Fri 15-Aug-08 09:08:40

Do you think there is a kind way of telling the next MW/HV/random person in the street that, er, no, a dummy is what a baby sucks on instead of a breast?

kiskidee Fri 15-Aug-08 09:09:06

forgot to say, happy feeding, BE.

VictorianSqualor Fri 15-Aug-08 09:19:11

BE! How did it go? Do you have a birth story anywhere?

VictorianSqualor Fri 15-Aug-08 09:19:46

(found your birth announcement)

BabiesEverywhere Fri 15-Aug-08 22:06:49

Thanks ladies

And more good news, I am finding having a nursing toddler really helps deal with engorged breasts and I am barely leaking this time too

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