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Hazellnut Mon 14-Feb-05 19:15:04

I am mixed feeding a 3 week old (mix of Expressed and formula) as wouldn't latch on due to being v. small and quite early (she says defensively !). She has been bottle feeding really well but over the last 48 hours has started to take ages to drink less than she used to take. She is still taking a fair amount for her size but taking so long about it there isn't much time in between feeds (she feeds about 3 hourly at the moment although had started to go 4 hourly before this episode). She takes Expressed milk much quicker and takes more but then is starving 2 hours after. Last night she was up all night feeding, not settling, wanting feeding again...

Any ideas why she is suddenly taking so long to feed - could it be wind - I have tried to burp her more and more ? Needs faster teats ? I am changing formula to see if this helps (from C&G to Aptimil)

Hazellnut Mon 14-Feb-05 19:15:50

Oops forgot to add a title - see how tired she's made me !! Not sure I can do that now so hopefully this will be read.

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