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Anyone know if metronidazole is safe to take when breastfeeding?

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Piccalilli2 Wed 13-Aug-08 14:25:35

I've been prescribed metronidazole on the basis of test results so haven't had a chance to mention to the doctor that I'm breastfeeding. Does anyone know whether it's safe to take?

weasle Wed 13-Aug-08 19:22:44

look here

sounds like metronidazole is OK, but might be better to use an alternative; it depends why you have been prescribed it.

chloeb2002 Thu 14-Aug-08 10:58:19

metronidazole is defo safe when b/f ing. most drugs that can be given to paeds can be given to b/fing mums...

tiggerlovestobounce Thu 14-Aug-08 11:00:50

I was prescribed it after the birth of my first child, and they knew I was breastfeeding and said it was fine.

procrastinatingparent Thu 14-Aug-08 11:10:07

I've had it while I was breastfeeding. Only problem was it gave me the trots and gave DD the trots too. Not nice, but better than the horrible infection I had. Hope you feel better soon.

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