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am i running out of breastmilk for my 6mth old? yikes and help

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MotherElk Tue 12-Aug-08 21:27:17

My nearly 6 month old DD is doing well on solids and was very hungry hence the early weaning - I was BFing every hour at least and she was emptying both breasts.
I give her the breast before and after both solid feeds, and of course through the day and night, but increasingly she fusses and arches her back on the breast.
This wknd I went to a hen do and my DH told me she absolutely wolfed down the formula he gave her, slept better and seemed much happier. In addition my breasts didn't feel as full as they should have done after leaving her, and when I expressed I really didn't get that much off.

So - am I paying the price for weaning her too early? She is biting quite a lot now too so I have to say I'm not completely loving feeding her BUT I WAS GOOD AT BFING and I feel worried I've ruined it for her (and me)
Any advice? Does fenugreek work?
When would I start cutting down her feeds anyway (bearing in mind the Kellymom stuff)

heeeellllppp please oh wise ones

RedHead81 Tue 12-Aug-08 21:36:04

I never listened to how many feeds my DS was supposed to be having at a certain age... I just fed him when he wanted feeding.
Providing the latch is still good (always worth checking just in case she has changed recently) When DS1 was weaning, my breasts never really felt that full and he was only feeding from one, so fullness isn't really anything to go by. Also, expressing isn't as efficient as a baby feeding, so thats not really an indication either. I don't know about fenugreek, but feeding more frequently will increase your milk.

Is she having plenty of wet nappies?
Still gaining weight (although more slowly now anyway at 6mths)?
you won't have ruined it - you will always be able to increase milk supply by feeding more - google relactation to see.

good luck

StealthPolarBear Tue 12-Aug-08 21:38:18

You won't be running out but may have had a bit of a dip in supply which can be sorted out by feeding more frequently (or if you're feeding every hour, just continue like that for a day or two if practical).
I used to express for hours (literally) to get a couple of ounces, and yet DS could drink as much as he wanted so I don't think expressing is a good measure.
I wouldn't worry that you are "paying a price" or that you have done anything that can't be reversed. Just feed more often and your supply will catch up.

MotherElk Tue 19-Aug-08 08:41:20

thanks everyone - she's definitely doing ok on the weight front so am putting worry to the back of my mind! thank you x

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