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Any idea why I suddenly have sore breasts/nipples every feed after 14 months?

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Swaliswan Tue 12-Aug-08 20:40:22

Since about a week ago I've been having a lot of pain during DD's feeding sessions. I was wondering what the different reasons for this might be. I know that it isn't mastitis as I've had that before and this is nothing like that. The pain is mostly in the nipple area. DD does bite quite a lot but not during a whole feed!

3andnomore Tue 12-Aug-08 20:43:54

Either of you been on Antibiotics recently? Although, can happen wihtout being on AB's...!
Has Baby got white spots inside cheeks, maybe, that would be a good pointer....saying doesn't have to be there....

preggersplayspop Tue 12-Aug-08 20:44:18

I have had the same recently (DS is nearly 15 months old). Just on one side I was getting a pain in my nipple. I think it was a blocked duct as after a few days it turned into a hard section on my boob and the pain in the nipple went away a bit. I've been making sure my DS always starts feeding off that boob (though he seems to be showing a preference for the other one) and it seems to be much better.

preggersplayspop Tue 12-Aug-08 20:45:39

Hi 3andnomore - my DS had recently been on antibiotics for an ear infection, could this have been the cause?

theyoungvisiter Tue 12-Aug-08 20:49:32

def get checked out for thrush - it can look like yoghurt deposits on the baby's tongue/cheek.

Also, not wishing to worry you - but could you be pregnant? I am pregnant and bfing and for the first time in 2 years my nipples are in agony!

Having said that, they can sometimes just randomly change their latch, DS went through phases of not being latched quite right and I'd have to retrain him.

Swaliswan Tue 12-Aug-08 20:49:44

It's not blocked duct type pain PPP, I've had that a couple of times before when DD has been ill and not feeding properly.

3anm, no neither of us have been on antibiotics recently and DD doesn't have white spots inside her cheeks.

Swaliswan Tue 12-Aug-08 20:51:24

TYV, I could be pg but I don't think that I am. I would love to be though sad

theyoungvisiter Tue 12-Aug-08 20:54:54

it could be worth testing - it was one of the first symptoms I got. It's a fairly intense pain like someone pinching my nipple at the beginning of each feed, and it gets a bit better as the feed goes on.

If you can't find any other reason, it might be just that she's changed her latch - they do sometimes as they get bigger. Does she seem to be latched on well from what you can see? Does changing position help at all?

phdlife Tue 12-Aug-08 20:55:54

Swaliswan I'm having a lot of pain bfing my ds (15m) - he is teething and that really changes his latch, my poor nips really feel like they are being chewed - especially when he's wanting to comfort suck all bloody night.

Sometimes getting him to relatch helps, if it doesn't really annoy him!

3andnomore Tue 12-Aug-08 21:01:28

preggers...usually you would be effected both sides....I certainly always was....

teething and changing of latch and pg ...yeah, those could also be the cause....

Swaliswan Tue 12-Aug-08 21:04:46

She almost doesn't seem that bothered about her feeds atm. She can bob on and off a bit and doesn't concentrate very well when she comes back to the boob. She does get repositioned but that only makes the pain bearable as opposed to me wanting to shout and swear. She does have a tendency to bite when she comes to the boob but then repositions herself to be in a good position but continues to bite fairly freqquently throughout feeds. I wondered about it being her teething (and still do a bit) but in the past she is only like this for two/three days when she gets a new tooth.

As for the posibility of pg...I'll test whenI can bear to see the result. I had a very early mc in feb and don't want to test 'too soon'. I have a lot of period like cramps so I figure that I'll either get AF in the next few days as expected or I'm pg.

theyoungvisiter Tue 12-Aug-08 21:08:56

oh I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage - and I'm sorry if my suggestion about being pg was an upsetting one. I'll hope it's the solution though and that you get the result you want when you test smile

3andnomore Tue 12-Aug-08 21:35:41

swaliswan, could your lil one have earache?

Swaliswan Tue 12-Aug-08 21:38:28

TYV, you haven't upset me. I had already thought of that but don't want to get my hopes up.

3anm, how would I know?

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