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BF and teeth - sore L nipple, NOT biting

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Mummyfor3 Tue 12-Aug-08 17:41:38

DS3 is 20 weeks old, has had 2 bottom incisors since 18 weeks, which are obviously growing as time goes by.
He has bitten me a couple of times but that I can deal with as v infrequent. However, when he feeds on left I have a discomfort at lower pole of aureola, a bit like a graze? There is nothing much to see on my skin and when I watch him feed/latch I can see his tongue at underside of aureola, so how does he manage to get teeth involved??

BTW, had dreadful 4 days of blocked duct/headed towards mastitis last week, I am sure because the way he was latching on had changed due to teeth. Took 4 (yes, FOUR) days to settle, v unpleasant.

Other than making sure he is latched on correctly, do the BF gurus have any other ideas? Thanks.
(Oh, just remembered, I am using Lansiloh already)

RedHead81 Tue 12-Aug-08 20:32:35

try feeding him in football hold. it will change the position on your breast and maybe give the sensitive area time to toughen up.
good luck

MrsAlwaysRight Wed 13-Aug-08 15:20:00

I agree with RedHead81 definately try changing position. I had to do this with DD as when her teeth were coming through they were rubbing the skin raw shock I used the rugby hold and this really helped (although my problems were mainly from her top teeth). As you have already said be vigilant to ensure he is latched on correctly - I really had to go back to basics. I think it does take them a while to adjust to feeding with teeth but they do and you should be able to feed him without discomfort again.

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