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7 mo seems not be at all bothered about milk - help!

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HormonesAGogo Tue 12-Aug-08 14:10:03

my 7 month old dd has just started nursery, was exclusively breast fed up to about 24 weeks old has taken to solids v well will eat just about anything (on 3 meals a day, about 1-2 tbl spoons per meal), drinks water with meals (about 2-3 fl oz per meal) from a cup.
my problem is getting the little miss to drink milk - it's not a boob thing, as she's even refused the boob some evenings, pushing it away(usually sleeps through the night, doesn't wake for food). at nursery all the other babies, from 6 -12 months, glug down a bottle of milk mid morning and mid afternoon, my dd will have maybe 3 fl oz milk at each of those times. I bf her first thing (i.e. before breakfast, she often faffs her way through that feed and doesn't seem ravenous), at around 5 when I pick her up (her best feed of the day, she glugs it down), then before bed (when she often takes v little).
I have heard such varying accounts of how much/how many bf she should be having on top of solids at her age, is 2 big-gish bf and smaller snacky bits of milk enough for her? she's 21 lb (not fat, long, and has been since birth!) does she think she's 12 months old and needs less milk hmm? does she know when she's had her "quota" of milk for the day? when she's not at nursery I offer her the breast frequently but most of the day I'm lucky if I can keep her on for 2-3 mins every 2 hours or so.
would it be easier if I went straight to bottles so I could see how much milk she's having?
so confused (and worried) - she seems v happy, is healthy and putting weight on still, so should I just stop worrying about her milk intake?
any advice/experiences greatly appreciated, thanks!

StormInanEcup Tue 12-Aug-08 14:57:52

Message withdrawn

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