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Tips on getting baby to take a bottle please

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chicaguapa Mon 14-Feb-05 10:20:00

DS is almost 16 weeks old and I'm trying to stop a couple of my breastfeeds during the day and put him on the bottle. BUT his stubborn streak has come out and he's refusing to take the bottle. I'm using formula not expressed milk.

Yesterday he went from 12.30 to 6.45 without a feed as he wouldn't take the bottle from me or DH. But he actually seemed ok with it and wasn't screaming with hunger. It was almost like he was on silent hunger strike!

What frustrates me is that he was bottle fed for 2 weeks when he was about 5 weeks old as I got thrush so I know he likes the milk etc. I've also started to give him a dreamfeed at 11pm with a bottle and he takes the whole 4oz.

He's fed on demand at the moment and I want to try and get into something resembling a routine which is why I want to start using some bottles.

I had this problem with DD at around the same time but she would only refuse the bottle from me and I used to have to hide upstairs while DH fed her or she'd refuse it from him too. I can't remember how we eventually solved the problem as it was over 3 years ago and so much has happened since then!

Hopefully this stubborn streak in both our children will be a benefit when they're at school and being offered drugs but for now I'd like them to be a bit more compliant.

Anyway, any tips on how to get them to take a bottle would be gratefully received. Thanks.

Blu Mon 14-Feb-05 10:37:04

I think that (even though they may have experimented earlier) they don't realise that sucking from a bottle will satisfy their hunger - they need to learn that. The advice we had was to introduce a bottle half way between other feeds, so that they aren't hungry and frustrated, alert, wakeful and playful, and can discover that the different sucking action on a teat does result in a nice full tummy.

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