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Night weaning - please help! Worn out!

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LaTrucha Mon 11-Aug-08 16:16:15

My dd is 7 months old. She is bf and has started solids well. I have always fed her to sleep although sometimes she will go off with rocking. She goes to sleep around 8-9 and is waking each night at around 2am, 4am and the from 5 she comes into bed because I'm knackered and she just wants to suck and nap. She simply refuses to go into the cot so it's into bed with me if I want any kind of rest at all at that hour.

I don't mind feeding her once or twice at might. I don't even mind giving her a quick feed at 5am but it's the not going back to sleep properly that's wearing me out.

- Would night weaning help?
- How would I do it and will it be horrendous?
- Would it have to be all or nothing (is it unrealistic to expect her not to be confuse if she's allowed it sometimes)?
- Would it have to be DH who does it?

Like many others, soooooo tired. Your wisdon would be welcomed!

LaTrucha Mon 11-Aug-08 16:43:15

Really am tired! Please!

hanaflower Mon 11-Aug-08 16:44:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Mon 11-Aug-08 16:44:46

Why not just sleep with her?
Also how about expressing so your dh can feed and you can get a good sleep?

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 11-Aug-08 16:47:25

I would probably start with keeping her in her own cot (and putting her back in there after a bf in the night), then do the night weaning. One step at a time....

But I guess that's only an answer if you don't mind not co-sleeping.

LaTrucha Mon 11-Aug-08 16:53:38

Hana / moondog - I really don't sleep well when she's next to me. Am thinking about a bottle. I prefer to do night feeds though becuase DH works very hard. Probably wouldn't accept me with a bottle, would she?

She is in her cot until 5. I put her back after the first feeds. She only comes in after 5.

Iliketo- I do like the co-sleeping in some ways, but would much prefer the sleep!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 11-Aug-08 16:56:16

I could never co-sleep. Not because of the perceived dangers, just that I am a complete bed hog and would sleep really badly with a lo beside me.

You may find that getting her used to her cot may improve her sleep, thus making it easier to night wean.

moondog Mon 11-Aug-08 17:58:35

I couldn't co sleep either but had cot v close. You work hard too you know! A night off goodsleep would benefit you both.

LaTrucha Mon 11-Aug-08 18:11:03

OH I know moondog. DH is really very good.

moondog Mon 11-Aug-08 18:13:45

As he should be!It's his kid too.
What time are you going to bed? If you go with her yuo will get a good wedge in.

LaTrucha Mon 11-Aug-08 18:31:32

Tonight, I think I'm going at the same time as her. She usually sleeps about four hours in her first sleep, so that should be a help.

DH and I had just reclaimed a couple of hours of our evening though, so a bit hmm

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