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doesn't she love me anymore?

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Allyco Sun 13-Feb-05 20:23:46

Oh help.My DD is five, nearly six months old and was totally bf from birth. Was very proud of myself as she very premature and no sucking or rooting reflexes but we persevered and we got there.

Anyway just gone back to work full time and was finding couldn't express enough to keep her happy all day so supplemented with bottles. She took them quite happily but I still bf her first thing in the morning, soon as I got home from work, all night etc. (you get the picture). This evening she screamed and screamed so I bf'd her but she still screamed so in desperation I made up a bottle and she drank it all!!

Have I been usurped? Am feeling very sad about this. Any advice/similar stories? Should I stop breastfeeding?

tiktok Sun 13-Feb-05 20:26:24

Ally - no reason to stop bf whatsover! This could be a nursing strike - call one of the bf helplines and talk it through with a counsellor. They will support you in your wish to continue bf. Sometimes, babies do behave like this after bottles or after a big change in their is temporary. Hang on in there

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