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Help, I feel like a human dummy!

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mummymarz Fri 08-Aug-08 10:27:45

DD is 10 weeks old, but won't go to bed at night without constant bf, screams murder every time i put her down as if she's not had a feed for hours. I'm concerned that she's using my breast as a soother to go to sleep. Does not take a soother at all, and only takes bottle after putting on my breast. Thus have to take out the breast in public too, even though i've expressed milk for an excursion. I still express every day and take on the battle of the bottle, with the hope that she'll just take to it one day. At 3 weeks she was happy with the bottle with no problems, but 2 weeks later completely refused and has ever since. She only takes the tommee tippee breastflow, but only after a big fuss and LOTS of crying - it breaks my heart every time! Any advice??

ajm200 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:31:00

Give the NCT or La Leche BF lines a call. They'll have some good advice for you as lots of mums go through this. I didn't as my LO sucked his thumb.. but that brings its own issues.

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