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Advice/recommendations for breastfeeding & slings, please?

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Laurpiece Thu 07-Aug-08 22:36:16

Baby no. 2 is due in 2 weeks and I desperately want to breastfeed again but am concerned that it will be difficult occupying my 17mnth ds. Could anyone recommend using a sling, if so which one is best for breastfeeding?

Tangle Thu 07-Aug-08 22:49:02

I'd definitely recommend using a sling. I started carrying DD at about 3 months, and we both still enjoy it (she's 16 months now). Most of the time its a way to get out and about more easily than with a pushchair, but sometimes its a "this child won't stop crying unless held" solution still.

I found a wrap sling worked well for us for carrying but I could only feed in it if I took my top off before putting it on - which did kind of defeat the object of the exercise. That said, she was always a pretty big strong girl and I might have found it easier to suss out when she was a newborn. I've seen videos where a baby is wrapped up BF to give a totally hands-free solution, so it can be done.

A lot of people find ring slings work well for BF, although you may need to give DC's head a little extra support with a wrist.

Which one is best is a very personal thing, unfortunately. If you can find a local group on slingmeet you might be able to get to a meet and try a few out to see what works for you and DC2. TheBabyWearer is a fantastic resource with reviews of just about every sling ever made and a very lively community that can almost certainly answer any question you might have. Once you've got an idea of what you want to try (or if you just want to experiment), TheBabyWearer, RumpleBums and UK BabyWearingSwap all have For Sale or Trade boards where you can pick slings up 2nd hand.

Good luck

Laurpiece Fri 08-Aug-08 22:08:58

Thanks Tangle, I really appreciate the info as I didn't know where to start looking! I'll check out those sites now.

kiskidee Sat 09-Aug-08 12:41:26

kangroo care and bfing in a wrap. my friend learnt to bf in a wrap with this link.

If you are not yet adept at wrapping, I suggest getting a stretchy wrap like a Moby, Hugabub or Kari-me as they are forgiving to first timers and they are perfect for new borns. You can practice putting a baby in a wrap with a heavyish dolly. Maybe a babyAnabel - not that I have tried that out yet.

CharliesMum08 Mon 11-Aug-08 16:04:11

I use a Kari Me sling - its brilliant. Based on how African mothers carry their babies, it is just one piece of fabric that you cleverly tie/fasten around your body and then you can put baby into five different positions (as they grow - in a sling position, forward facing, backwards facing, side position and on your back)

I used this whilst feeding my DS while out and about - even while stood in a queue at airport check-in!!!

It distributed the weight very well so you hardly feel like your carrying them, and can be used until baby is 15kg

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