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Can you take Kalms while breastfeeding?

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StellaWasADiver Thu 07-Aug-08 17:15:25

The pack says not to, but then it would, wouldn't it?

Does anyone know if it is actually safe?

They're herbal so I thought that would be alright.

Mummyfor3 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:43:01

Herbs are effective because they contain powerful chemicals, which is why herbal medicine is effective. They are "natural" but not at all necessarily safer than conventional medicines.
I do not know about Kalms specifically; may be worthwhile getting advice from a trained herbalist smile. A MNetter maybe?

Mummyfor3 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:50:37

<embarrassed by repetitive first sentence>

StellaWasADiver Fri 08-Aug-08 07:57:59

Thanks mummyfor3

I did a google search and found that someone on the <cough> babyworld forum had contacted the BFN drugline - they advised her that it was safe to take, though she may find her baby slightly sleepier.

I am going to take it, I only want to use it for 24 hours - driving test...

Mummyfor3 Fri 08-Aug-08 08:00:52

Good luck with that! Hope Kalms will do the trick for you smile

mrsmalumbas Fri 08-Aug-08 08:19:02

Rescue Remedy is great for nerves and is safe to take... good luck with the test!

StellaWasADiver Fri 08-Aug-08 08:56:05

Thanks mummyfor3 and mrsm I hve some rescue remedy as well, just in case!

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