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7mths old teething and feeding like crazy

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TanE Thu 07-Aug-08 14:25:58

My son has his first tooth and I can see another on the way. He is eating everything in site including my breats when feeding angry. I have tried nurofen and capol but no good - does bongela work? I feel like just giving up breast feeding as never really enjoyed it and he eats really well. He weighs 23lb and is very happy, but loves his boobs. What is everyone else's experience of breast feeding after teeth have arrived? I have already reduced his feeds to four feeds per day (am, two in daytime and pm). Any tips or help would be great! Thanks

ajm200 Thu 07-Aug-08 18:02:57

We found anbesol liquid was the only thing that worked for my son along with regular doses of calpol/calprofen.

Rub the sore patch on his gum with an icecube

If you have carrots in the fridge, give him a whole one to chew on but watch him in case he gets a bit off. My son wouldn't use a teether but would chew on a carrot.

At least he's eating, lots of babies refuse to eat anything.

BouncingTurtle Thu 07-Aug-08 18:06:14

I second anbesol - stays on the gums better than bonjela. Try Ashton & Parsons powder as well I find ds sleeps better when he has had some of this - they don't call it baby crack for nothing grin

ShowOfHands Thu 07-Aug-08 18:08:15

The baby crack does help. A cold flannel to chew as well. Once the teeth are through, they do stop biting. DD has 9 teeth and she breastfeeds without biting.

BouncingTurtle Thu 07-Aug-08 18:11:30

DS doesn't like carrot atm, but melon straight from the fridge is good.

LynseyKCalvert Thu 07-Aug-08 18:11:55

I third the anbesol LOL. A&P powders are great too.
I found it exhausting keeping up with BF demands when teething but it was one of the main things that soothed DS. I did find he had to learn to adapt his suckle to accomodate teeth and made me a bit sore but that soon passed and we're still going at 22 months with a headfull of teeth.

TanE Sun 10-Aug-08 14:55:57

Thanks everyone, out in spain visiting my parents at moment and nightmare with little one teething and sharing a room with 3 year old brother. I'll get my husband to post over some Anbesol as were here until the end of the month and I'm sure I haven't heard the last of these teething troubles yet. Funny my other 2ds' never had any problems with teeth. Thanks again

MrsJamin Sun 10-Aug-08 16:48:00

7 MO is teething (5 teeth in last 10 days) and feeding a lot too - incl 2-3 nightfeeds. bonjela rubbed in before a feed really helps. Cucumber from the fridge chopped into a finger really helps too, and it's softer so a bit less dangerous than raw carrot if swallowed. I have found I had to go 'back to basics' with the breastfeeding - i.e. I needed to help him get a better latch so that he didn't dig his teeth in.

Caz10 Sun 10-Aug-08 21:25:56

5 teeth in 10 days, wow!!

i can put in another vote for baby crack, also the nelsons versions, although they don't come wrapped up in the dodgy looking paper so less fun!

dd opens her little mouth wide when she hears me opening the packets!

Liz79 Sun 10-Aug-08 21:32:44

Mine is doing all of the above except isn't eating much in the way of solids

She's rejecting the spoon in favour of finger food and she's not as good at that as she was a week ago. I wish I hadn't lost my bottle with BLW, maybe by now she'd be more competent at eating and some would go in.

MrsJamin Mon 11-Aug-08 06:46:56

Hi Liz79, maybe try again with BLW - especially if your DD is rejecting a spoon. It's never too late! If she gagged a lot perhaps she is through that now, if that's what made you lose your bottle? DS was having a few episodes of not eating a lot of solids either, due to teeth and/or tiredness.

BouncingTurtle Mon 11-Aug-08 07:02:19

Liz- it might be the teething and hot weather putting your dd.
And I second MrsJ - no reason why you can't restart BLW - sounds like that's what your dd is telling you to do

Liz79 Mon 11-Aug-08 08:59:42

Thats what I was thinking. Will keep offering the spoon and then give finger foods when it is rejected. She took phili off my finger which was ok, it has some fat and protein in it.

MrsJamin Mon 11-Aug-08 09:15:58

If she likes Philly, try giving it on toast - DS wolfs that down!

Caz10 Mon 11-Aug-08 09:47:11

Philly on rice cakes good too!! (messy though)

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Tue 09-Sep-08 17:12:17

philly also good on baked potato cut into wedges. tho even messier than rice cakes...

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