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6 month old dd refuses a bottle and now refuses solids! Will I be exclusively bfing her forever?!

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goodomen Thu 07-Aug-08 07:13:13

My dd now 6 months has always been breast fed and never taken a bottle of EBM.
I can live with this as I don't have to go back to work, but have been thinking that once she got to 6 months things would get easier as she could have other food apart from breast milk.

However I have tried her with a variety of vegetable purees but she does not want to eat them. She just spits is out.
I tried putting the food further back into her mouth and she gagged and then spat it out.
She persistantly spits the food straight out.

I don't know what to do now. I have visions of her being like that girl from that documentary who had never eaten anything and had to be fed with a tube straight into her stomach!

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Pixiefish Thu 07-Aug-08 07:17:19

Firstly don't worry. She's obviously not ready to wean yet. Leave her a week or two and then offer her something again. Leave her until she shows interest in your food and then start her. Have a look here and see if this is your cup of tea.

gagarin Thu 07-Aug-08 07:21:36

steam some veg and let her play with it - in the end she might stuff it in (no need to puree)

sit her on your lap while you are eating and she'll prob grab some of yours. Let her whatever it is - no need to be paranoid about salt etc whilst it's only tastes

and lastly - the spitting out stuff is usually to do with tongue action - it's held forward in the mouth while breast feeding so when she mimics the breast tongue action with solids in her mouth the food will come out. When she can collect the food with her tongue and guide it to the back of her mouth things will be easier.

so don't mistake the normal "haven't got the hang of this yet food being pushed out of her mouth" with a dislike of solids. They are not the same thing.

goodomen Thu 07-Aug-08 08:17:41

Thanks pixiefish and gargarin.
I didn't realise babies at this age didn't need to have purees.
Baby led weaning looks brilliant. Much better than trying to force her. I'll give it a go.
At what age does she actually need other food. When is breast milk not enough nourishment for her?
My mother and MIL (to name a few) have been trying to get me to give her solids for months already saying she can't possibly be satisfied on breast milk alone.

MrsJamin Thu 07-Aug-08 09:01:22

baby led weaning IS brilliant I wouldn't want to eat vegetable purees either but roasted veg sticks in olive oil and rosemary - yummy - I have to stop myself eating them all!

Have a look at - it has all the research/info you need on solids & breastfeeding. Babies ARE satisfied on breastmilk alone, solids are for fun, they learn how to eat them before they need them, IYSWIM.

goodomen Thu 07-Aug-08 09:13:58

That food sounds delicious MrsJamin.
It is all starting to make sense now.

I shall continue to ignore well meaning relatives.

gybegirl Thu 07-Aug-08 09:18:23

Just to let you know I was in the exact same poisition as you. I gave up on purees very early too - my DD was just not interested. Finger food was so much better. I suppose she started actually eating things about 6 1/2 months, but it took another month before she ate in any sort of quantity. I BF on demand throughout. I do know someone whose baby, because of other feeding problems, just had breastmilk until they were about 11 months. Her baby was massive and very happy. Get the bibs with arms in (tesco do them i think) and prepare for lots of mess grin

goodomen Thu 07-Aug-08 20:41:20

Thanks gybegirl. The bibs are a good idea!
My dd is a chubby chops as well so she is not exactly wasting away on breast milk.

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