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stopping breast feeding

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sacha3taylor Fri 11-Feb-05 23:21:35

Hello. Does anybody know how long it will take to stop producing milk now that i have stopped breast feeding? My son is 9 months old and have had to stop feeding due to him bitting me {OUCH]

mears Fri 11-Feb-05 23:26:40

A few weeks probably. You might have discomfort over the next few days which will ease off daily. Depends how often you were feeding. Has he bitten you very frequently? It is a fairly common thing for them to do but babies often learn quickly not to do it anymore because the feed is interrupted. If you decide not to try again with him, make sure you do not keep squeezing the nipple to see if the milk is still there as that is stimulation to continue making it

Allycat Fri 11-Feb-05 23:33:31

I heard that when they bite you, your natural reaction is to pull away but it is actually better to pull them towards you so that they come off themselves as they cannot breathe. That way they get punished and learn not to do it. Oh no - ds is screaming - better see what he wants - again!

sacha3taylor Fri 11-Feb-05 23:43:34

Has only been biting in the last 2 weeks since the last two teeth hve come through. It is the excuse that i needed though, i have been trying to stop feedind him since he was 6 weeks old!!!!!!! He is very stubborn!

EvaD Fri 11-Feb-05 23:51:18

I felt rather lost when I stopped - all the advice goes on and on about how to keep going. I don't think my milk went on for more than a week, but I was only doing two small feeds by then.

My big tip is to express some if you get sore. I was very sore for a few days because I thought expressing would stimulate it. I only needed to do it once to ease the pressure.

Allycat Fri 11-Feb-05 23:54:38

Oh no - my ds's two bottom teech are just ready to cut through the gum. I hope he won't start biting! I cant believe you have been trying to stop for 7 and 1/2 mths! If you are really serious about this you have got to go cold turkey and not feed him at all. Its gonna be tough but he will take a bottle in the end. (says she whose baby wont even take a bottle (expressed milk or formula) full stop).

sacha3taylor Fri 11-Feb-05 23:57:07

I can't express! I have 3 childen and i not been able to express with ny of them. I have not leaked with any of them either! ALL my friends say i am weird! Is there anyone out there who is as odd as me who doesnt leak and can't express!!!!!

sacha3taylor Sat 12-Feb-05 00:00:33

My DS would not take a bottle or a cup either and we went through hell! This is our second night of controlled crying and we are doing ok! It has been hard but one day he just took his cup. Keep at it and it will work eventually

Allycat Sat 12-Feb-05 00:01:07

Not me but a friend of mine never leaks and it takes her about 45 mins to express 3 oz with an electric pump. I feel for you but its better than walking around with big leaky patches because you forgot to take your breast pads with you when you went shopping! Do you get the weird tingly feeling in the other boob when you feed?

sacha3taylor Sat 12-Feb-05 00:14:47

NO i can only feed from one boob as i got into the habbit of only feeding at night from the most comfortable one and the other one just stopped producing milk! I thought that if one produced it then it woukd be equally distributed between th4e two boobs! I was obviously wrong.

Allycat Sat 12-Feb-05 00:18:45

I've read on loads of websites that if you keep getting him to suck on this side it will start producing milk again. Apparently even women who have never had kids can lactate (as they call it) if they pump for england!

sacha3taylor Sat 12-Feb-05 00:22:04

I am off to bed but thankyou for all your help and i look forwrd to talking again oneday as i only registerd today thankyou again.

ChocolateGirl Sat 12-Feb-05 21:21:16

sacha, I don't leak and I can't express either! My dd is 11 months old today and I haven't leaked for months (since she was about 4-5 months, I think). I tried expressing (with a hand pump) the other day when I thought she had given up feeding and I wanted to keep my supply up - but no joy! I expressed in the early months but never got (never tried to get) more than about 2 ozs. Luckily she is feeding again 1-2 times a day but on one side only now.

Yorkiegirl Sat 12-Feb-05 21:22:48

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Sat 12-Feb-05 21:38:30

My dd occasionally bites me cos she thinks it's funny. She soon remembers that it's not when I put her on the floor and put my boobs away. She then stops for a few weeks

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