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Share some of the wierder bits of 'advice' you have heard from a HCP.

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kiskidee Wed 06-Aug-08 21:04:44

Today, being the nosy bugger I am, I was listening in to what the HV who runs the Breastfeeding Support Group at the local Surestart centre was telling a mother.

Mother wants to wean a just over 6mo old completely off the breast. She was explaining how if she puts him far away on her bed he crawls over and tries to help himself.

She advised to put lemon juice on her nipples to discourage him. hmm

livysmum Thu 07-Aug-08 02:52:05

I guess it would work...but the poor thing would be so upset.

my suggestion would be have him in a crib so he can't in any way help himself.

Once DD realized that I wasn't giving in and giving her the breast she started to take the bottle...if they are hungry enough they will take it

babs10000 Thu 07-Aug-08 02:59:22

what is an HV??

babyOcho Thu 07-Aug-08 04:09:06

When DD was first born and we were waiting in hospital to be discharged, DP was holding her and walking along the corridor.... he was told not to walk and hold her in case she fell.

How the heck did they expect us to move her!

HV=Health Visitor
HCP=Health Care Professional

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