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Does holding off solids until 6 months mean constant feeding?

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rickman Fri 11-Feb-05 22:34:45

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Fri 11-Feb-05 22:36:33

How old is your ds. I wouldn't hold off till 6 months if he's really hungry. Weaning was recommended for 4 months not that long ago and I don't think any babies suffered!

If he's 5 months I'd see no problem giving him some baby rice, moving on to some baby rice with pureed apple, carrot, pear etc. GiIve him a rusk to chew on - I'm doing all this with ds3 who is 5 months.

jabberwocky Fri 11-Feb-05 22:37:17

DS took lots of milk and I constantly had to fend off dh from feeding him before 6 months. As it turned out, when we did start solids he wasn't particularly interested until about 9 months so starting solids early would have made no difference. I'd let him drink as much as he wants. If it really seems like an unusual amount you could keep a log and check with your HV.

HunkerMunker Fri 11-Feb-05 22:37:59

How old is your DS? Mine had a major growth spurt around four months, then settled again (no doubt if I'd given him solids, I'd have said (somewhat smugly) that he was ready and needed it!). He had his first bits when he was six months (lots of finger food) but didn't really eat all that much till he was about eight months old. He still nurses quite a lot - he's 10 months now and comes and pats me if he wants milk

Yes, let him nurse when he wants for as long as he wants - breastmilk is more calorific than a lot of the first weaning foods (if you begin before six months) and it's just what he needs.

HunkerMunker Fri 11-Feb-05 22:38:56

Just realised you didn't say whether you're breastfeeding or not - I just assumed

rickman Fri 11-Feb-05 22:45:54

Message withdrawn

rickman Fri 11-Feb-05 22:47:03

Message withdrawn

HunkerMunker Fri 11-Feb-05 23:02:16

17 weeks is very early, especially with a history of eczema in the family (I have this too, hence not giving him solids earlier, plus he didn't think much of food anyway - breastmilk gannet that he is!).

He does like your company, you're his mummy, his favourite person in the whole world. Feed him when he wants it, do other things in a routine-y kind of way (ie keep nighttime dark and quiet, daytime light and noisier, do a bath/book/bed routine - DS had that from about this age and loved it, still does!). It will fall into place and seem different again in a week or two.

mears Fri 11-Feb-05 23:12:22

rickman - holding off solids does mean breastfeeding as often as he needs. Definately try other forms of distraction however if he still is searching for you then give him what he wants. You body produces the milk to match his demand. That means that some days he will feed a lot, the milk goes up so he feeds less. If he is hungry, feed him breastmilk

highlander Sat 12-Feb-05 05:11:12

unsettled at 17 weeks might signal the impending arrival of teeth! My DS was feeding like mad (but really snacky) for about 3 weeks, with bright red cheeks and drooling like mad. I mistook his penchant for spoons as a signal for food.
He also learned to do lots of new things around the same time. DS is also a bit of a screamer; sometimes he's just over tired as he's almost stretching out his wakey times to 2.5 hours. As he's learned to move around he's developed refluxy tendancies and sometimes this bothers him as well so he's unsettled. I'm guessing that more time awake and active equals a greater thirst so more feeding.

At the end of the day, if his tongue ejection reflex thing is still present then he's not ready for grub? (mears?)

bobbybob Sat 12-Feb-05 06:52:23

Every baby I know has got unsettled at 4 months and settled down again a couple of weeks to a month later. Solids, formula top ups or breastfed didn't make a difference. With you family history you are better to wait, Gobbledigook I'm sorry but some babies did suffer as a result of the 4 month policy.

I also wouldn't follow the rusk advice - you will want to avoid wheat (also they sometimes contain milk/eggs which are also allergens).

mears Sat 12-Feb-05 07:13:30

That is true Highlander. Also though many mums get confused that baby's putting things in their mouths such as fists or toys it a sign of needed solids. That is actually the way a baby feels (oral phase) and is not a signal for solid food.

I think the only way to wait until 6 months is to make a conscious decision that solids will not be given and that you are perfectly capable of providing enough breastmilk. It can mean periods of what almost seems like constant feeding. That is what I did with my fourth baby. I was determined she was not starting solids till then. What I discovered was that frequent night waking at about 4 1/2 months stopped again after a few nights of extra breastfeeds. I had taken that as a sign for solids with my other babies.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 12-Feb-05 07:52:53

It's funny, in North America, it's been accepted now for ages that you don't give babies solids before 6 months. So their babies don't suddenly "need" solids at 4 months!

I'm also trying to make it to 6 months, we're at 4.5m now I think. Luckily, DS2 is a really efficient feeder, but he does eat a lot, and is huge. He's still often having only one side, so I guess I can haul out the double-barrell treatment if he starts seeming more hungry.

I'm also not kicking him out of my bed until I'm ready to say "ok, no milk for you in the night".

hercules Sat 12-Feb-05 09:17:30

I would also disagree that early solids can harm and it's not recent advice anyway to wait until 6 months -it's at least 10 years old and in this country in the 20's the advice was 9/10 months.
Babies bodies are simply not ready until around 6 months.
My ds had excema and I'm sure it was due to formula in the hospital and weaning at 4 months. With dd i waited until 6 months and she has no excema. It's no proof of course but I know I did the best I could.

rickman Wed 09-Mar-05 18:20:29

Message withdrawn

hercules Wed 09-Mar-05 18:26:07

How would solids help this? It is common to go through a growth stage around this age, you feed more and it passes. As babies get older they feed less as they get more efficient and can take more in a shorter amount of time.

It doesnt sound like he is hungry if he doesnt want to bf anyway. Purees have far less calories than bm.

Perhaps he is coming down with something?

hercules Wed 09-Mar-05 18:26:55

DD looks at my friends dog all the time, doesnt mean she is ready to eat it!

beansprout Wed 09-Mar-05 18:37:57

Rickman - I'm having the same. I had the 4 month feeding frenzy and the last few days ds just does NOT want to be put down and if he does, he doesn't want me to leave the room (he is in a sling as I type!!).

I'm finding it is quite a commitment to keep going to 6 months but I know that is what I want to do. The growth spurt settled down and so will the clinginess. The clinginess especially will not be addressed by weaning.... and my back is giving out too... argh!!

rickman Wed 09-Mar-05 18:38:43

Message withdrawn

rickman Wed 09-Mar-05 18:40:43

Message withdrawn

huppa Wed 09-Mar-05 19:11:03

Oh Rickman - sorry you´re feeling down.
I´m also planning to hold out for 6 months and last week ds was feeding every 2 hours for a few days, but has settled down again.
Is there no-one around who could take him out for a walk for a couple of hours just to give you a break for a bit? Sorry I can´t be of more help, but I´m sure someone else will have some ideas.

beansprout Wed 09-Mar-05 19:15:36

Rickman - not surprised you are tired, you are dealing with a huge amount. You are fab for still b/f, please don't forget that.

Please get that early night if you can. We haven't got long to go now, just a few (short?!) weeks

Wotcha Huppa!

Mum2Ela Wed 09-Mar-05 19:42:58

Do you mind if I join you and have a bit of a moan? DS is 18 weeks and for the last couple of weeks has been waking every hour to 2 hours during the night, mostly wanting to be fed. Althogh I am not convinced he is hungry each time, but then it obviously comfets him, being fed.

BTW, can I ask, will you just start weaning at 6 mths, or will you be looking for signs and if so, what?!

dinny Sat 12-Mar-05 21:02:21

Hi everyone, ds is just over six months and I have only started on solids two days ago. he has always fed abou every two hous (is a real snacker) - that's both day and most of the night. His longest stretch us about 3 hours in the evening. I have never minded feeding him at night (love it, in fact) as I think you must feed on demand if bfing exclusively. DS is very large and loads of people said he was too big to last till six months but he has been fine and thriving, despite a recent illness. So, stick with it, not long to go!

WestCountryLass Sat 12-Mar-05 21:41:26

My DS was weaned at 4 months (3.5 years ago so that was the recommendation) and he did seem to need his solids as he was a very hungry baby (fed every 1.5 - 2 hours 24/7 and was still hungry and having top up bottles. Weaning him at 4 months was right for him BUT my DD is 8 months and only just starting solids now. She did go through a fussy stage at 4 months and I did try her on solids but she was not interested and just wanted the boob. She is probably only having 2 tespoons of food a day but that is enough for her - my DS was having 4 meals a day and 5 7oz bottles at her age!

With your history I would delay solids as long as possible though. I was talking about my DDs feeding schedule with another Mum the other day and she commented that she feeds a lot and needs more food but although my DD is njursed regulalry half of the feeds are for a drink rather than a full feed whereas bottlefed babies will be offered juice/water as well.

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