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Caffeine and breastfeeding

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wastingmyeducation Wed 06-Aug-08 13:09:28

Hello all,

So four and a half weeks ago, when DS was 8 weeks old, I gave up caffeine and we noticed that he seemed to calm down, although I'm aware that for most babies this doesn't affect them. He's still not a big fan of sleep though. I've no problem adjusting my diet for the LO, but would love a coffee! blush
I've read that with eliminated dietary things like dairy that it can be reintroduced later on, so when can I put the coffee pot on?


Bluebutterfly Wed 06-Aug-08 13:13:07

How much caffeine had you been drinking?

I used to make a cup of half and half - half regular, half decaf coffee to get me through the day when bfing. Doing the same now as I am ttc #2 and have cut down my caffeine level. (Am a 2-3 cup a day person normally!)

Or you could just make decaf?

I doubt that one cup a day could have too major an impact though... but what do I know?

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 06-Aug-08 13:13:50

Hmm well I am not bf any more but due to various things I haven't had a coffee for over 3 weeks. I only drank weak gold blend type stuff but lots of it.
Within a week I noticed I was sleeping better, skin better, (tmi) bowels behaving better.
So I won't be going back to it.

Now I just have a coffee if out somewhere, once or twice a week. I keep it as a treat not something to guzzle all morning.

Bluebutterfly Wed 06-Aug-08 13:22:30

Oh flibberty - I wish I had your will power. Can't seem to completely wean myself off of the black stuff! wink

wastingmyeducation Wed 06-Aug-08 13:29:44

I cut down to the recommended max while pregnant, which is about three cups of coffee, and stayed with that for breastfeeding. Before pregnant I pretty much drank coffee as my main occupation.
I only want one or two cups in the morning and will stay off the Pepsi Max for good, but don't want to upset the little man!


Flibbertyjibbet Wed 06-Aug-08 14:26:13

Not much willpower - I ran out of coffee and can't stand nescafe strong stuff. I only like the milder stuff and buy it from Aldi.
Which on the day I ran out meant a trip in the car with 2 and 3 yo dcs to aldi just for coffee. I couldn't face it so drank tea that day. Next day was at home with kids too (thurs fri) so drank tea and water. By Sat I thought, hmm if I don't buy it I can't drink it and by then the worst of the coffee withdrawal headahces and rattiness had gone.

wastingmyeducation Thu 07-Aug-08 14:58:59

Well, I guess I've got an answer of sorts.
Last night DH bought me a bottle of Pepsi Max out of habit, so I thought I'll give it a go. No problems with his sleep or behaviour after that, but he did a slimy poo, only twelve hours after a good healthy one. He's been pooping no more than once a day for the last month.
I suspect the laxative effect of the caffeine was affecting his weight gain before as well, as he's been gaining normally since I gave up the caffeine too.
So I'll be sticking to the Tick Tock tea for now.


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