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Thrush, extreme pain after each feed - what might help?!

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misspollysdolly Tue 05-Aug-08 23:13:47

Posting on behalf of friend. Her baby DS is 7 weeks old. She has been mix feeding pretty much since he was born on advice of MW and HV. Desperate to bf as much as possible though and to continue with it even though these first 7 weeks have been quite stressful at times.

Both she and baby have had thrush - have been treated with anti-fungals. Baby has had all clear. She reports the infection to be much better but is still getting extreme pain particularly AFTER each feed has finished. Still persevering with putting baby to her breast several times each day, but dreads the discomfort afterwards.

Anyone experienced this, or any suggestions of what might help relieve the pain (hot/cold compresses/pads, etc) Also is there anything extra/alternative she could try to get rid of the thrush?

Her GP seems a bit rubbush IMHO. HV and GP keep saying to just jack in the bfing and that ff is 'just as good' - which makes me mad!! - and she is finding this more distressing than anything else as she wants to continue with it as long as possible.

Baby latching on well now and enjoying milk when she does bf. I have suggested she give him a morning and bedtime bf, if that's all she can manage (pain-wise) and to keep this routine going basically as long as possible. DOes that sound about right? She could then add more bf's in as the discomfort subsides.

Any words of wisdom/experience welcome! I feel really frustrated as don;t know how best to help or advise her sad - she even lives to far away for anything other than a virtual hug sad. Please help!

insywinsyspider Wed 06-Aug-08 09:14:38

both ds and I had thrush, what did GP give her to get rid of it? I took anti fungal tablets which aren't strictly licienced for bfeeding but the NCT did a study on them and they are fine, I can't remember name but they are widely available - I know people who've only been given creams but if the thrush is in milk ducts it can take ages to go, if she wasn't offered tablets its worth asking for them as my thrush took week after taking them to go, I then took them for 4 weeks to make sure it had gone (on Gp's advice - he was lovely his wife had reoccuring thrush with their ds so he was v understanding) imo it sounds like she still has thrush

hth x

kazbeth Wed 06-Aug-08 09:59:49

Sounds like she still has thrush so could be passing back and forth between the two of them. Did they both get treated? I had to take a long dose of fluconazole (breastfeedingnetwork has info on this). I also took acidophillous tablets and grapefruitseed extract tablets too. I used a dilute solution of grapefruitseed extract (not grapeseed extract) on my nipples after every feed and before applying daktarin cream (can use dilute vinegar instead).

She should cut down on refined sugars which encourage thrush.

She needs to make sure that she is sterilising everything in either milton or boiling for 15 mins as steam/microwave sterilising doesn't kill the thrush. Also freezing doesn't so throw away any stored milk (gutting I know).

She should change breastpads at least at every feed - if she doesn't currently use them then I would advise she does as they are easier to throw away than bras are to clean/change that often.

If she gets no help with her gp then please tell her to try another one. I had to go to 4 before I was prescribed what I need.

misspollysdolly Wed 06-Aug-08 13:49:52

That's all really helpful - thanks guys. Kazbeth, what was the dilution of grapefruitseed extract?

kazbeth Wed 06-Aug-08 14:25:34

Oh god, now you're testing my memory. I think I used to put a little bit of water into a saucer and put a few drops of it in - maybe 5 or so. Definitely not that much as the bottle is tiny and I ended up with spare afterwards. If using the vinegar she'll need more - about half and half I would guess. Vinegar is ok if you've nothing else but it does stink a bit.

I would keep the saucer aside and use the same solution throughout the day (always using clean cotton wool each time to avoid cross contamination of course). It saved having to make it at every feed.

hollyandnoah Wed 06-Aug-08 14:38:27


my ds has thrush the now. our gp didngt even see him, he couldnt give me an appointment untill 5 days later so i had to describe it to the receptionist. Then i has to pick up a script for nystsn. he gets it after his feeds 4 x a day, but thats been from thursday and i cant see a difference so far.

misspollysdolly Wed 06-Aug-08 18:48:46

Thanks kazbeth, sorry to ask more questions but you put it on and THEN your daktarin cream, right? And did you wash the whole lot off before the next feed/express? Will suggest it her and see what the response is. She's in a bit of a state at the mo...!

kazbeth Wed 06-Aug-08 19:21:13

Holyandnoah - it can take a while for it to go, especially using nystatin as it's hard to get it all around their mouths (I used to put it one drop at a time on my little finger and rub it around her mouth).

misspollydolly - yes, I used to put it on first straight after a feed then let it dry for a minute or two then put on the daktarin. I didn't wash any of it off as such, just used to wipe with a tissue. Washing it off just makes more work and is a bit painful when you've already got sore nipples. I did continue to use lansinoh for a while too but it's important to always use a clean finger each time you get some from the tube (avoids any cross contamination) and I used to only put it on just before a feed.

kazbeth Wed 06-Aug-08 19:24:12

should have added that I don't mind the questions at all. I learned pretty much all my info from either here or iwantmymum as I had it for quite a while and had some great advice on here so happy to pass it on. I really hope it goes soon for her as I totally sympathise as it can be hell.

KateF Wed 06-Aug-08 19:27:26

I had thrush with dd3 and it is excruciatingly painful. I used to take painkillers before feeding on the affected side and used a nipple shield on alternate feeds. I know they are hated by health professionals but it enabled me to keep feeding until the pain subsided. I went on to feed dd3 until she was 2 and a half.

DartmoorMama Wed 06-Aug-08 19:32:06

I had thrush problems- its so painful. I used gentian Violet to get rid of it after daktarin oral Gel and nystatin failed to get it out of either my babys mouth or my nipples.

GSE (citricidal is a great support thing too as well as taking probiotics.

I put instruction for how to treat with GV on this thread earlier in the year

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