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Sleep inducing boobs

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pigleychez Tue 05-Aug-08 15:06:48

DD is 12 days old

When she was first born she latched on fine (so i thought- i was pretty out of it from emergency theatre)

But then she didnt seem to be able to latch on very well as my nipples are very flat. Anyway her weight dropped and she developed Jaundice so the Pediatrician said to use formula and express. This we have been doing sucessfully and by day 6 she had gained 5ozs.
I would still like to be able to breastfeed so have been trying nipple shields which seem to help alittle.

With perservance she has begun to latch on - Plus the pump has been helping to bring my nipple out more.
But she seems to latch on, have a few sucks then instantly fall alseep!
DH thinks its hilarious and says i must have magic sleep inducing boobs!

I usually try her when shes ready for the next feed so i know shes ready to drink/eat and not tired as she has just slept for 3 hours!

Anyone else the same or is it just me...
Any tips/advice?

elmoandella Tue 05-Aug-08 15:18:04

i had this problem.

hv advised me to wake every hour and put to the boob. hoping baby would eventually be more wakeful.

but sorry to say it didn't work. she was losing weight quickly. hv then advised me to put her on formula so we could see what she was getting. she kept falling asleep on the bottle to.

but the rule they set was : for every once she takes, let her sleep and hour.

so if she took 1 once she had to be woken after an hour. if she took 2 ounces. she was woken after 2 hours.

perhaps since your already doing a mix of formula and bf you could follow this routinr for the ff. only let her sleep according to whatever she takes. and at the times whereby you think she's able to stay awake for wee 10 mins or so. give her the boob.

in a few weeks once she's more awake you could wean her onto solely bf.

you could also express and give her that so you could measure how much she's taking. and allow her length of sleep to be determined by how much she's taking. this will also build up your milk supply so once she's more awake your not short of supplies.

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