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Breastfeeding helplines - recommendations please

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fadingfast Tue 05-Aug-08 10:32:46

I have a few breastfeeding niggles that I would like to talk over with someone. I have numbers for about 4 different organisations (NCT, LLL etc). Does anyone have any experience of using these and any that are particularly recommended?

I know I could try all of them but would rather not have to repeat a long saga 4 times, as I have limited time available.


EffiePerine Tue 05-Aug-08 10:33:50

I found the LLL really helpful, and they had a local group which I was invited along to as well

I also know someone who works as a LLL counsellor and she's really nice

somebodyhelpme Tue 05-Aug-08 10:40:57

hi i have found the bfn fab!

Dawnie6577 Tue 05-Aug-08 10:42:46

National Breastfeeding Network were great for me.

wuglet Tue 05-Aug-08 10:57:55

Think it depends where you are - the numbers are supposed to put you through to the nearest person who is taking calls but if you live in a breastfeeding desert like me (Hull) it can be a way away! I rang them all (!! - was a bit desperate).

NCT - took ages to get through, kept getting cut off before the part it asks you to leave a message for some reason but when I spoke to them they were useful although couldn't put me in touch with anyone local (did find someone in the end but that was through local NCT).

LLL - got through to someone in Scotland who was lovely, gave me contact no for someone in Hull - but she had moved and was no longer doing it!

ABM - very helpful lady on phone (probably the most helpful of all) but no counsellors within 50 miles.

BFN - OK I think (all runs into one after a while).

TBH I think it depends on the luck of the draw as to who is on call when you are ringing as regards the helpfulness of the advice. And obviously if you can get in touch with a BFC near enough to meet with that is a bonus.
HTH and you get sorted

kiskidee Tue 05-Aug-08 11:35:11

besides the helplines you can also use this site to see if there is a baby cafe in your area. It will have an experienced bf supporter on hand when it meets.

If you use the NCT website you can also search by your postcode if they have a bumps and babies group on your area which will probably have a bfc in attendance.

The ABM site also has a list of bf groups in many areas of the country. I haven't looked much on the LLL site but check it out.

Wuglet is right. Since all the helplines are staffed by volunteers, your call is put through to the nearest person who is on call. There could be someone closer and if there is, the BFC will probably give you a direct line no. to get in touch with her.

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