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Just realised today... I've cracked this BF lark!!!!

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munchkinmum Mon 04-Aug-08 22:00:13

Hi everyone

Just wanted to post today that I realised that I am totally happy with BF my son with no anxieties anymore.

After cracked nipples, hand expressing, pumping, buckets of Lansinoh, a nasty bout of thrush, feeling anxious about doing it in public; I feel that I have FINALLY got in that comfortable zone.

It's taken hard work, tears (lots), grit and determination (and sheer bloodymindedness!), support from friends and family (not forgetting mn'ers) and the wonderful infant feeding team at the Liverpool Women's Hospital but I've bloody done it.

Sounds a bit melodramtic I know, but after not managing to feed my dd 4 years ago and managing to do with ds (nearly 4 months old now), I'm dead proud of myself. It means alot to me.

There - said it!!!

IAteRosemaryConleyForBreakfast Mon 04-Aug-08 22:01:36



Lio Mon 04-Aug-08 22:01:55

WOO HOO! Delighted for you! Long may it last and hope you are both feeling the benefits.

Lio Mon 04-Aug-08 22:02:03

WOO HOO! Delighted for you! Long may it last and hope you are both feeling the benefits.

PhDlifeNeedsaNewLife Mon 04-Aug-08 22:02:24


(you do know that your ds will now start throwing spanners in the works, don't you? just be warned! )

tellnoone Mon 04-Aug-08 22:02:39

Congratulations! smile

Olihan Mon 04-Aug-08 22:03:20

Well done you grin. It's a great feeling when it all finally falls into place, isn't it?

MatNanPlus Mon 04-Aug-08 22:03:54

Great News MunchkinMum

LackaDAISYcal Mon 04-Aug-08 22:07:54


CantSleepWontSleep Mon 04-Aug-08 22:11:51

Hurray for you! No reason to ever give up now you've got it cracked!

charitas Tue 05-Aug-08 09:39:37


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