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DS still biting: too painful

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highlander Thu 10-Feb-05 20:42:56

Hmm, I posted last week saying DS had cut 2 teeth and had bitten me a couple of times. Well, the teeth are coming through at a rapid rate of knots and he's bitten me quite badly a few times now. I close up my bra and walk away but I think he's had enough milk by then that he's not bothered at his 'punishment'.

He's only 5mo and I do not want to move to formula, it would break my heart. But he's had me in tears twice today and I'm frightened to latch him on again.

Any ideas?

PS It's worse if he's tired or brewing a poo.

paolosgirl Thu 10-Feb-05 20:47:08

I had the smae thing happen to me, at around the same stage. I began to stop enjoying feeding ds, as I was waiting for the next excruciating bite. I believe that the thing to do is exactly as you have been doing - just quietly take him off, and stop feeding, but at 5 mths, I don't think they get it!
I'm sorry I don't have any advice - I was getting ready to go back to work at 6 mths, so was looking to slowly stop most of his feeds and go onto a bottle/cup, but I know you don't want to go down that route just yet. I hope someone else has more practical advice. Good luck....

HunkerMunker Thu 10-Feb-05 20:54:54

Hi hun - poor you. Not nice to be bitten and ikwym about the anticipation of a bite - scary!

DS did JUST the same thing at about the same time - I figured it was because he was teething and his gums were hot. Have you tried putting teething gel on his gums prior to a feed and/or giving him something cold to chew on? If he does bite again, pull him in close to your boob so you block his airway - he'll unlatch then. Or so the theory goes...used to make DS bite harder and growl at me! So I used to nurse with one hand very near his chin so I could pull it down if he bit me.

He did grow out of it - he's now 10 months and into feeding voraciously, but whilst pulling away from me - and by God, he's strong!

HTH a bit xxx

highlander Thu 10-Feb-05 21:10:20

crikey, out of desperation just now (he's due a nap) I gave him a dummy and he settled with it!
I've tried that a few times in the past and he just went mental.

Maybe I've been feeding him too much and he just needs something to grind his gums on to drift off. I removed the dummy while he was still sucking but dozy (same as I would do if he was BF) and he easily drifted off. I assume this is the right thing to do so he doesn't develop too much of a dummy attachment for sleep.

Oh, my mum is not going to be amused when she hears about this. She hates dummies with a passion.

highlander Thu 10-Feb-05 21:42:32

just been on and they have a plethora of suggestions for wee biters.

paolosgirl Thu 10-Feb-05 21:48:40

Hopefully there will be some things you can try out with your little nibbler!

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