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Help - I really want to stop bf asap....

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mamachat Sat 02-Aug-08 15:37:54

DD is 1year and is constantly bf. But I feel it is more the comfort than the milk she is after.

She tries to sleep with my nipple in her mouth and when I take it out she starts cryng in her sleep...

She also wakes evry 1-2 hours throughout the night to comfort suck. It is becomming very stressful for me. I have started a new job where I am not at home for 12hours on the days I work 1-2 days per week. My breasts were soooo painful yesterday as were so full of milk. They still hurt now.

I know alot of people will jsut say I should be strong and say no to bf bu is so difficult with dd pulling at me and crying...

Does anyone know of anything I could put on my breasts that tastes bad enough to make her rufuse the breast but will not harm her?

Or know of anything that will make the milk dry up?

Any suggestions welcome...

busymum1 Sat 02-Aug-08 16:04:15

what about a nipple shield as would make things a lot different, maybe try her with a dummy. Take her off when your breasts are empty, if however you want to give up that is your decision as long as you know the decision is normally irreversible good luck in whatever you decide

improvingslowly Sat 02-Aug-08 16:10:41

speak to your health visitor. you have done well to have lasted a year. i used the plastic cups things to slightly drain the milk when i was stopping. only uncomfortable for about a week.

mamachat Sat 02-Aug-08 16:15:29

busymum1 - what does the nipple shield do? Sorry never used them before...

amner Sat 02-Aug-08 16:19:13

I went cold turkey just last week.

Its hard, but not impossible.

I was drinking sage tea which is supposed to inhibit milk production and had acabbage in my bra. I have no idea if these things work !

My breasts are still quite full now but nowhere near as bad as they were at first.

Well done for getting to 12m btw !

busymum1 Sat 02-Aug-08 16:22:42

they go over nipples to change sensation and are also meant to eliminate soreness can buy avent ones for about £6 I think

busymum1 Sat 02-Aug-08 16:27:08 search for nipple shields they are about £4

mamachat Sat 02-Aug-08 20:32:02

amner - how did your dc take it? and how old is your dc and feeding how often?

I have actually just bought sage tea so will try that, i just feel it will be aery very hardweek as my dd is very persistant...

mamachat Sat 02-Aug-08 20:32:41

busymum - thanks i will give them a try as very sore at the mo...

amner Sat 02-Aug-08 23:10:31

Mamachat, he is 21 months. I dropped the day time feeds just over 12 months and kept the evening and morning feeds up. Like you describe he sucked through the night for comfort as well.

Last weekend he bit my nipple quite badly, I think he was dreaming, as was I, in the early hours, and it was horribly bloody and that was the moment I decided enough was enough.

The first night was the hardest and I was tempted to give in...its horrible hearing them crying for you ....

2nd night a big improvement and by the 3rd day, he had stopped all that pawing at my clothes etc. He is actually now (dare I say it) sleeping a bit better too.

He doesnt show any interest in my breasts anymore and even saw me in the shower without any fuss.

What I do miss is that snuggly comfort feeding which gives you an extra half hour lie in bed in the morning. Just before 6 we were up this morning bright as a button only to fall asleep downstairs at 8.30 when the rest of the family emerged. Hey Ho !

I just used sage from the garden and stewed it in hot water for a few minutes. Its quite bitter, but not offensive. I was keen for anything to help with the engorgement no matter how ridiculous it might have sounded.

I think it will be tough for you and her for 3 or 4 days. Its just the end of one stage and the start of another.

Good luck x

mamachat Sun 03-Aug-08 22:24:25

Thanks for the advice amner.. From tomorrow I am not bf anymore, I have to be really strong as it is sooo draining now. But dp will have some time off next week so we are going to do it...

I hop it works but have no idea how i will get her to sleep without my breasts..

Pannacotta Sun 03-Aug-08 22:35:36

Sorry you are finding it hard, 1 year olds can be very demanding, my (breastfed) DS2 is 14 months and not easy, esp at night.
I do think it might be easier for you both if you could try and wean your DD off a bit more gradually. It would be more comfortable for you physically and also for your DD, going cold turkey could be quite upsetting for her if she is so attached to your breasts.
Could you give up night feeds first, perhaps offer her water in a cup (or a bottle) and/or a dummy and then cut out the day feeds later on?

With DS1 (fed till he was 2) I cut out night feeds at around 1 year and then found it very easy just to feed him first thing and at bedtime (and bf is great for keeping away all the toddler bugs at nursery).

Milk still has loads of health benefits at 1 year, it's not just a comfort mechanism.

mamachat Sun 03-Aug-08 22:40:04

I have tried water at night time but she winges and moans untill I give in, she likes to sleep with my nipple in her mouth..

I have tried cutting down during the day too with no luck...

I would love to bf morning and night but I really feel it will be too confusing for dd so feel it is best to stop completly as I really cannot continue bf all ay and night..

Also she is much better behaved with dp or family members when I am not around as she is not constantly winging for my breasts...

I really hope she will be better behaved with me when I stop bf...

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