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20 week old suddenly comfort feeding more

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charitas Sat 02-Aug-08 11:35:42

Am posting out of curiosity as I am not going to modify my son's behaviour but would like to understand it. If I ask for advice in rl will have packets of baby rice waved at me, along with tales of how his dad was a hungry baby and needed weaning early ( it was the 60's they told you only to bootle feed every 4hrs!)Sorry mil been visiting have had to take jacket out with us for ds at all times because she worries about his little arms.And she made a very funny face when asking to borrow the iron and I admitted to having no idea were it was as last used 3 weeks ago to iron nappy dry.

Anywho back on topic he seems to be feeding more but not in a grumpy I've have 4 sides and still be cross growth spurt king of a way and we had one of those 2 weeks ago. I'm thinking it might be developmental as he is becoming more mobile and seems very interseted in everything, so am thinking it's a security touching base kind of thing. He has also started bestowing kisses on me and trying to blow raspberries on my arm or nipple when he has had enough to eat, and then laughing. anyone had a similar experience or have any words of wisdom to offer. He has also started waking around 3.30 which he hasn't done for ages but am unsure if he is waking because of heat or because he as kicked off the sheet (blast growbags for being to hot for summer)

Seona1973 Sat 02-Aug-08 11:42:22

we are using a 0.5tog grobag at the moment which is for rooms over about 26 degrees. It is very thin (just like a sheet) and ds has slept great in it. I got mine from jojomamanbebe but the bumpto3 website also do the very lightweight ones.

Sorry, cant help with the feeding bit as I bottle fed but hope the above helps re: the sleeping bag bit smile

Seona1973 Sat 02-Aug-08 11:45:00

sheet bag

sorry the jojomamanbebe link didnt work

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