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storing breastpump?

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bababelle Fri 01-Aug-08 15:13:42

DD is now 8 months and I'm still breastfeeding but have decided I'm not really likely to want to express any more for now so I am about to pack away an Avent hand breast pump until it is maybe needed again (!) - maybe a couple of years. I have re-sterilised it and still have the original packaging but does anyone have any other tips on how to keep it in good enough condition to be reusable in the future?

Minkus Fri 01-Aug-08 15:20:57

DS2 is 4 weeks old and I have just started using my avent isis pump again that has been stored for abt 3years.i';d just stored it in its box and it was absolutely fine, even in the attic.

springerspaniel Fri 01-Aug-08 15:29:11

Ditto. Just started using mine again after 3 years.

stuckinthecorner Fri 01-Aug-08 15:40:29

ditto - mine lasted 7 years in the attic. Just remember to keep the instructions as to how to put it together!

MatNanPlus Fri 01-Aug-08 15:42:20

Just ensure it is 100% dry everywhere before you store it and it will last an age

maybelaterdarling Fri 01-Aug-08 15:44:34

Mine is 8 years old and has spent approx 5.5 of that in the loft. Just make sure it is completely dry before it goes away. I'm on number 3, and the bit that touches your boob has gone really white and opaque (I'm sure it wasn't like that originally but can't really remember). If (huge if) I was going to save the pump for a further child I would buy a replacement (they exist on the Avent website). Well worth saving.

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