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how do i get ds 11 months off my boob lol

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kee27 Fri 01-Aug-08 10:07:11

he just screams if i dont give it to him how do i stop it

onwardandupward Fri 01-Aug-08 11:24:31

Why not just give it to him? Sometimes it's much easier to let a child nurse for a couple of minutes and then distract them with food/water/something more interesting than to have the screaming row about whether they are going to nurse or not.

ajm200 Fri 01-Aug-08 17:57:26

If you are really determined to stop him, you'll have to wear tops that make your bobs inaccessible and distract him with something else.

It won't be easy though

kee27 Sat 02-Aug-08 10:13:31

thanks for the advice .the thing is onward is that i do give in and he will be there for about 10 minits lol . but its the night time feeds that r harder its like he can be there for say 20 mins a time . more like a comfort thing i think . ajm200 i know what u mean about being hard as this is my firt time . b/f as i bottol fed my last 2 . so have rilly liked doing it this time round . but when is the best time to stop lol . i dont want him still on it at 5 hahah grin

pippylongstockings Sat 02-Aug-08 10:24:03

I kind of took the view that we would know when the time was right to stop and I just sort of phased it out and have just stopped at 18 months, by then he was down to 1 feed a day - if you are still enjoying it then keep on doing it.

If your not then you will have to have ears of steel - distraction/someone else taking over feeds etc is all I can suggest.

Don't know if there is a right time but pretty sure you won't still be feeding at 5!

ajm200 Sat 02-Aug-08 13:07:41

If you don't mind giving the feeds keep going for now. Personally, I'd start to phase it out between 18 months and 2 as at that age LOs get lots of calcium from their food.

At night you could try leaving a drink in the corner of his cot or on his bedside table. It worked for my LO who was just genuinely thirsty.

If you feel you have to stop now for whatever reason, you could try what I saw on one of the parenting programs. They had to deal with a LO who would not give up BF. Mum went off for a few days of pampering leaving LO with Dad and a sippy cup for all drinks. When she got back, the problem was sorted. A bit drastic but it depends how much you need to stop.

kee27 Sat 02-Aug-08 13:50:45

i dont mind doing it for a bit longer .as i have manged to get it down to nights only . and he has a bottol in the day time . i love doing it still but just in the night feel very sufocated . if u know what i mean because he can feed up 2 4 times . i have tried the bottol at night but he has none of it .lol i think he is just a boob man grin. lol i think i will just have to put up with it for a lill while longer i dont mind a he is my last . but i was just not sure on how to stop conpletley as this is my firs time . with all teh b/f thing grin but so glad i did it this time round with the descust of sum famley members angry so thanks every one for ur help x

kee27 Sat 02-Aug-08 13:53:36

oww i saw that program ajm . was thinkg of telling dh that im off for a weeked lol grin dont think he will be keen on that lol the thought of leaving dh to deal with 3 kids grin would send him to the loony bin hahahhhhahahah

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