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No breastfeeding for 2 days, is this it?

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llareggub Thu 31-Jul-08 11:29:33

DS will be 2 in October. He has continued to feed morning and evening with the odd feed in between as and when he wants it.

He has been ill this week with a high temperature, tonsilitis and diarrareha. The lack of sleep has also destroyed my ability to spell.

For the last 2 days he has not asked for a feed at all, despite me offering at the usually times. He is also avoiding food, but it getting lots of liquid.

Can I assume that this is the end of breastfeeding? I feel a little sad that I didn't know that my last feed was the last one but if he has now weaned off the breast successfully we can move on. Any thoughts?

ilovemydog Thu 31-Jul-08 11:32:48

Not necessarily!

I knew it was the end when DD laughed at my breast!

Your DS just sounds ill....

llareggub Thu 31-Jul-08 19:15:12

No, really think it is the end. He has just tucked into a big plate of carbonara using a knife and fork. He lifted up my top earlier but just wanted to twiddle a nipple.

Do you think I need to do anything particularly now or will my norks just cope with the milk supply-side?

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