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Expressing to 'restart' defunct breast...advice please

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wishbird Wed 30-Jul-08 11:34:11


I am currently mixfeeding 7wk old DS. Had nasty dose of mastitis and due to desperation and crapness on my part I started topping up my screaming DS (BF DS1 and DD till 12 months plus - but a long time ago!)

DS is a big eater and gaining approx a pound a week - v tall - HV said he's size of average 4 month old already! He gets prob 70% BF on one side only - and 6-10oz ff over day/eve - none at night.

I would like to reinstate the defunct breast if poss - haven't fed on it for over 3 weeks - tried a few times but DS not interested as I guess there is bugger all in there! Have got a breast pump to try - how often will I need to try? Guess I won't get much to begin with? Also hard as DS very colicky (phew...hard work!) so needs loads attention and worried about trying to fit in constant pumping? Also have 2 teens to take care of - I know not as demanding as toddlers in some ways, but are in other ways, and don't want to 'neglect' them either? I'm also very lopsided - small issue, but slight vanity - tho socks work well!!

Any advice, or anecdotes of people who have successfully reinstated boob after so long really welcome - worry that like loadsa people here I will really regret not exc bf, and obv worried about ff taking over. Happy to put in some effort, but also realistic that I have other commitments - bit scared if I'm honest...

Sorry - v long post, just wanted all facts out for helping hands! grin

moondog Wed 30-Jul-08 12:25:15

I don't know much about this but would suggest you hire an electric pump. You will needto do alot of pumping and the manual onescanbe hard work.

moondog Wed 30-Jul-08 12:25:28

I know Association for Breastfeeding Mothers hires them out. Checkthe website and give helpline a ring too.

wishbird Wed 30-Jul-08 12:30:00

Thanks moondog.

I have a manual breast pump - tried and failed miserably to get anything at all, so have lent an electric one - haven't tried yet. How often do I need to etc see above.

moondog Wed 30-Jul-08 12:31:03

I think maybe 6-8 times aday but god amno expert.

moondog Wed 30-Jul-08 12:33:07

Keep at it too.You only get a`bit out of a 'normally' functioning boob to start with anyway.

moondog Wed 30-Jul-08 12:33:21

Also option of putting little tube with formula in on breast so baby suckles it and nipple but this is truly expert specialist stuff. ABM willtalk it through with you.

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