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general rant about H/V and GP - low weight baby

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ilovemydog Wed 30-Jul-08 10:39:06

I have posted numerous times about DS who was low birth weight and slow to put on weight.

My H/V wanted him to be 'monitored' every week.

So, being completely fed up, I arranged to have him reviewed by GP who agreed with me that every week was excessive.

Armed with the NICE guidelines, his red book and his sister's red book (showing the exact same pattern), the GP examined him and agreed there wasn't anything wrong with him.

She said, 'so, shall we agree to get him weighed every two weeks instead?'

Again I reiterated that either he was not healthy, in which case he should be referred, or this constant monitoring needed to stop (and showed her the NICE guidelines re: healthy babies).

She then asked what my reasons were for not topping up with formula at which point I flipped, said that I appreciated her time and walked out.

She later called me at home, apologized for not understanding my viewpoint. Again, I reiterated that this was not about me. It was about my son, but that formula was not the answer.

I then said that I wanted a referral to a paediatrician as I had zero confidence in the H/Vs ability to determine the difference between healthy and not healthy.

Am just so angry that I am having to justify breastfeeding my baby and that the whole situation has turned so confrontational sad

pushchair Wed 30-Jul-08 11:00:23

Hi, My firdt baby was a terrible feeder and I struggled to cope with breastfeeding. Eventually I pinned My HV down and said watch this and showed her what happened when I fed She said "this is totally inadequate". She then went into total overdrive and referred me to the hospital. I Felt a complete failure and decided to give up BF there and then The hospital checked DD out and although not too concerned recommended weekly weighing. On the way home I felt very emotional and bought all bottle feeding stuff. However when it came to it I wanted to try and continue BF. Hv from hell however insisted on top-ups after every feed. Weekly weigh ins became horrible rollercoaster of despair, feelings of failure on low weight gain weeks and elation and hope on good weeks. Top-ups never worked very well and eventually after 2\3 months DD was practically BF exclusively and I fed for 10 months. SEcond baby came along and I was determined to BF exclusively but same again - I was told weight gain was "not adequate". I crumpled. My self confidence was not up to it. Very angry tho with attitude and lack of respect and confidence in BF mothers. Read a lot about BF weight gain and third child was fed MY way. Good on you for standing up to Hv more than I could.{grin]

tiktok Wed 30-Jul-08 11:03:44

Go, ilovemydog

Those NICE guidelines are a great back-up, aren't they?

edam Wed 30-Jul-08 11:09:30

Well done you on forcing the NICE guidelines under their noses.

I don't know why health professionals make stuff up and parade their personal prejudices or out of date attitudes as 'the law'. Don't they have a responsibility to keep up to date and look at the EVIDENCE before harassing vulnerable new mothers?

I was once charged with interviewing various health profs who had won national awards. One HV had set up a monthly lunchtime meeting for HVs in the area to discuss the relevant journals and keep up to date. Good for her but appalling that a. they had to do this in their own time b. it was so extraordinary it was deserving of a NATIONAL award. FFS.

moondog Wed 30-Jul-08 12:20:22

Good on you Ilove and shame on your GP. At least she had humility to phone you.Obv. realised she had fucked up.It's all very well for informed articulate women. What about those who aren't???

ilovemydog Wed 30-Jul-08 17:28:14

Thanks for the NICE guidelines Tik smile

Oh, and I was asked how long I intended to breast feed! I said that I didn't feel this was an appropriate line of questioning and asked how this was relevant to DS's weight at this present moment!

I am so sad that it has turned confrontational as all I ever wanted was an intelligent discussion about DS's weight and an action plan that we could all agree upon. But, there was never any practical advice - just constant 'monitoring' of the situation.

And in DS's notes, apparently I have been labelled 'uncooperative' as I refused advice re: formula hmm. Actually, I never said this. What I said to the H/V was if she could show me evidence that formula would provide a better alternative nutritionally, I was open to suggestions.

Hope others learn from my mistakes, namely getting a referral. Wish I had done so earlier!

edam Wed 30-Jul-08 18:04:38

Get the notes amended. Write to the practice manager at the surgery and explain that you object to this comment, it is not an accurate summary of the situation and you would like it amended or struck out, thank you very much.

moondog Wed 30-Jul-08 18:08:45

Jesus yes. Get notes. Bloody outrageous.How d you know they label you 'uncooperative' though?

ilovemydog Wed 30-Jul-08 18:16:32

Moondog - because the GP (locum) was reading from the computer screen! shock

moondog Thu 31-Jul-08 12:04:42

Fuck me. Gets worse!! shock

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