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Newborn feeding hourly - is this normal??

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Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 28-Jul-08 20:32:39

I don't remember this with DD, but DS (4 days old) is feeding hourly with cluster feeding on top of that for a couple of hours x 2 in a 24hr period if that makes sense?

My nips are SO DAMN SORE - bleeding and burning despite using the Lanisoh stuff and airing them etc. It's a complete nightmare!

please help

BouncingTurtle Mon 28-Jul-08 20:35:16

I'm afraid it is... but it won't last for long.
Have you had your latch checked, if you are sore?

Congrats though!

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 28-Jul-08 20:39:16

Message withdrawn

LIZS Mon 28-Jul-08 20:41:35

it is typical but things will change .

alittleteapot Mon 28-Jul-08 20:43:29

Yes, completely normal, thank god for the internet - hope your nips survive

PortAndLemon Mon 28-Jul-08 20:48:45

Yes, pretty normal. But that stage doesn't last for long. Can you get a bfc out to check your latch? When they are latched on for so much of the day it's extra specially important that the latch is good.

Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 28-Jul-08 22:31:51

Thank you everyone. I'm pretty sure that the latch is ok but I am going to get that checked out. I'm not looking forward to the next feed AT ALL!

If it wasn't sore, I could at least doze and feed at the same time - as it is, I sit bolt upright in bed grabbing on to my leg or the bed stead with the pain and rocking until it subsides to a dull roar.

Babymoons eh?!

OonaghBhuna Mon 28-Jul-08 22:37:38

lots of lansinoh and give the nipples a good airing when you can. I used to bathe mine with a little tea tree oil.
It was normal for both does ease off though, hang in there.

tiktok Mon 28-Jul-08 23:25:46

Airing is not really beneficial for nipples - there's nothing especially wrong with it, but it won't promote healing. Getting positoning and attachment improved will help - ask the midwife to observe a whole feed tomorrow. Bleeding and burning is absolutely not normal.

Frequent feeding and cluster feeding is normal and actually helps bf get off to a good start.

Oonagh - glad tea tree oil helped with you, but I would be concerned about people using it unless they knew they were not sensitive to it, and some people are. It's not something normally suggested for sore nipples.

nik76 Tue 29-Jul-08 08:29:31

Agree with tiktok (and I believe she knows what she's talking about) it shouldn't be that bad. I would say check out the latch - get out the leaflets and try again as if it were the day lo was born and keep taking off until on correctly.

Oh and really slap the lansinoh on,I found washable breast pads great as they seems to act like a plaster in keeping it there.

Good luck

Thankyouandgoodnight Tue 29-Jul-08 19:17:00

I have had my latch checked and was told that it was pretty good but the midwife did comment on how hard DSs suck was when she tried to release him. I rememeber the first seconds being really painful with DD, but the whole feed is toe curling and the pain radiates back in to my arm pit. I went to the GP today and he said it's possibly mastitis BUT I have no fever and there is no redness on my boob or hot patches (apart from the nipple and areola).


StarlightMcKenzie Tue 29-Jul-08 19:41:58

Message withdrawn

tiktok Tue 29-Jul-08 21:05:55

Anyone who looks at a mother with bleeding, burning nipples and pain of the sort you describe and then says the latch is 'pretty good' does not deserve to be in a job helping mothers, IMO. angry

So - what are you supposed to do? Grit your teeth?

Your nipples are damaged. The only thing that could have damaged them is the baby's jaw and tongue. I don't care what it looks like - it clearly feels bloody awful, and skilled help can change this, believe me.

Your baby may have a tongue tie, or an unusual palate, or be taking the breast in a way that increases the risk of damage...whatever.

Please seek better help than you have had so far.

Thankyouandgoodnight Tue 29-Jul-08 22:07:01

Thank you again for your help - I did call the breastfeeding support network but the lady on the end of the phone didn't have much to say really. She did email me a list of local breastfeeding groups but it took 48 hours to arrive and I notice that I have just missed this weeks one

Baby is not tongue-tied but he does have a very narrow and high palate, so I guess that this could be part of it?

I am going to track someone down who can sit with me and sort me out. Unfortunately I do have two breastfeeding counsellor friends who are currently out of the country on holiday envy

tiktok Tue 29-Jul-08 23:35:42

Hope you find someone, Thankyou.

I think it's understandable the person on the end of the phone could not say much - it's crystal clear someone needs to see you.

Good luck with this.

Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 30-Jul-08 13:18:03

You will be very proud of me - i spent the night (literally) working on the latch and introduced the (as it turns out) all important pillow to place DS on and I think I've cracked it. DH has noticed a dramatic difference in my comfort levels and i'm not dreading him feeding now. what a nightmare. Thank you so much for your invaluable support - you have no idea how much difference it makes

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 30-Jul-08 18:09:52

Message withdrawn

Caz10 Wed 30-Jul-08 18:22:53

fab! just to say, I was the same, and once i got the latch fixed there was still a goof 24-48hrs of OUCH (polite version) while things healed - I took some paracetemol every so often and that really helped get through the nasty bit.

MrsJamin Wed 30-Jul-08 18:55:23

Just wanted to say well done for persevering, it will be so worth it for all the months that you're feeding

ilovemydog Wed 30-Jul-08 22:21:03

That's such a good idea - a pillow! I seem to recall a nice midwife saying that good technique meant bringing the baby to you

Great you got it worked out. smile

Umlellala Wed 30-Jul-08 22:36:10

Just to say, this is sooooo similar to what I have been experiencing with my newborn (is just over a week old and feeding hourly/constantly - although thankfully seem to be getting longer stretches at night... so ). And not excrutiating pain but occasional, 'hmm this is not quite right' pain.

As others have said (and MarsLady has advised me) - and as you have found - it really does seem to be all about the latch. Just thought I'd say that there is a great link on to an nhs magazine with some really really good pics of a good latch. I keep revising and it improves every time. Good luck to you! grin

(PS will try a pillow tonight too! think i do let ds 'hang' off me sometimes...)

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