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PinkPussyCat Mon 28-Jul-08 19:32:02

Ds turned 1 last week, so we had started him on regular full-fat cow's milk. After an ok 2 days with it (maybe took a little less than normal) He is now refusing all bottles/milk (only has 2 per day anyway). He is a very placid baby who has never refused any food we have tried him with so far, and has a good varied diet. I am really upset about this as his milk is an integral part of his bedtime routine and really settles him. Anyone else have any experience of this?

Please tell me I don't need to rush out and buy follow-on milk. <sob>sad

isaidno Mon 28-Jul-08 19:34:57

Are you serving it warm or cold? My DS wouldn't drink it warmed at all.
Might be nicer cold in this weather too.

gagarin Mon 28-Jul-08 19:38:50

So you are not worried about his diet? just the sleep?

In that case just chill! He'll just learn a different way of settling - story/stroking/tuneful mobile/cuddly toy etc etc.

He's growing up and anyway would be dropping his bottle at bedtime in favour of a cup soon surely?

And as long as he eats dairy produce he doesn't have to drink it. No one in my family drinks milk (it makes me shudder at the thought). One dd even eats cereal dry as she finds it so ghastly. We are all healthy and active and get our calcium through cheese & yoghurt etc.

ps are you warming it? If you overdo the warming it can be manky!

PinkPussyCat Mon 28-Jul-08 20:11:44

Apologies, posted in the midst of cooking dinner...

Have tried him with cold milk initially, as it's been so hot but then I started to run it under the hot tap just to take the chill off. So it wasn't warmed as such...

He is a nightmare with a cup and only takes small sips of water with meals, though this has improved slightly in recent days. He never 'asks' for a drink either, I just have to try and remember to offer him the cup throughout the day. He has never spontaneously picked it up to drink.

He does eat plenty of yogurt etc so ok on that front.

It just seems a bit sudden to go from two 9oz bottles a day to nothing. I am on the brink of dashing out to Tesco's to get him more formula. Maybe the evil milk companies add some kind of habit-forming substance to make sure they sell their follow-on formula grrrr

OK losing all rationale now. But thank you for your prompt answers!smile

isaidno Mon 28-Jul-08 20:35:11

He'll be fine without the milk as a drink; resist the follow on formula - you will only have the same dilemma in 6 months or 12 months.

PinkPussyCat Mon 28-Jul-08 21:00:28

So I shall just have to go with it then, can't force these things I suppose! It's just wierd that it's happened so suddenly, almost overnight.

The other thing making me a bit sad is that he's never been a very cuddly boy, and giving him a bottle was the only time he ever relaxed in my armssad

PinkPussyCat Tue 29-Jul-08 15:39:47

Bumping for any other similar experiences...

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