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DS has very bad wind...

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finallypregnant Mon 28-Jul-08 18:38:00

And has now been awake for in excess of 12 hours today. It may be the heat but we've had him in just his nappy to a vest and then a sleep suit. He's been in the car to see if that would make him nod off - he lasted 20 minutes.

He's formula fed (due to meds I am on) and you can hear his tummy gurgling and gurning and him trying to burp and pass wind through the other end or make a dirty nappy (dirty nappies are ok and plenty of them).

He's 3 weeks old. Dr prescribing baby gaviscon tomorrow and said to speak to health visitor as it may be his feed (apatamil) that may not be agreeing. Any words of wisdom to help tonight?

May be new borns just have bad days where they are awake for such a long time?

ThatBigGermanPrison Mon 28-Jul-08 18:39:33

give him a bath. All the jiggling around might help to shift a fart.

nobodysfool Mon 28-Jul-08 18:54:53

Try Infacol it shifted my ds wind.
Congratulations by the way!

Dawnie6577 Mon 28-Jul-08 19:41:07

Oh lovey, my DS was exactly the same when he was young. I could literally hear the wind rattling around.

Is he being sick? I wonder why the Dr has prescribed gaviscon? That thickens the milk, so maybe they think that might help with wind.
Some things you have probably tried, but hey ho:
Lie him belly down along your arm. I.e. your left arm across your chest (in typical baby cradling pose), him lied face down with his chin in the crook of your elbow. Rock gently.

Upright with very straight back, looking over your shoulder, rub upwards gently on the left side of his back

Lifting him up (holding under armpits) for a few seconds, so he is 'stretched' out

Moving around helps to dislodge wind, so keep trying different positions and if you find one that he likes, great!

It is tough, as you feel so helpless, but it is just his body maturing and he'll get there (although my DS now does the biggest farts and burps to rival any grown man!!)

With regards to non-sleeping, he will settle down, but can be tough if he is so overtired. Have you tried swaddling?

Fingers crossed tonight goes better for you x

nickytwotimes Mon 28-Jul-08 19:47:03

Colief worked wonders for us.

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