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3 month old excl bf - how to get to take a bottle of ebm?

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alicet Mon 28-Jul-08 16:25:55

My sister is over staying with me at the moment (she lives in NZ). She has a gorgeous 3 month old ds who has been exclusively breast fed and is doing just great. She and her dh have tried in the past to give him ebm with a bottle with varied success.

She is keen to get him to take a bottle just in case for whatever reason she was unable to bf. As she is here without her dh it would also be nice for us to give her a break. However we are not having much luck! She goes out while we try so he can't smell the milk but other than that I didn't have any magic answers. And I don't want to make it into more of an issue than it might be to him and end up making it harder for him to take a bottle rather than easier!!!

Any top tips?

EffiePerine Mon 28-Jul-08 16:27:33

try different bottles and teats

try different times of day: when hungry/not hungry, tired/not tired

I don;t think there is a magic combination, different babies like different things

Jackstini Mon 28-Jul-08 16:29:33

One word - perseverence! It took dd a while to get to grips with it as it is completely new for them.
You could try from a cup, doidy cup or even a spoon if that works better?

witchandchips Mon 28-Jul-08 16:36:09

my view is that if expressing works then all well and good but it is really not worth pushing it. As your sister will need to express while someone else is giving the bottle, it is not much of a break for her tbh. After 3 months it all starts to get much much easier anyway, gap between feeds gets bigger, babies wake up less during the night + they sleep for longer periods (but less frequently) during the day.

I really wish I could take back the half hours that I spent expressing while eating breakfast while dp gave ds a bottle cuddled up upstairs in bed. For this one DP is going to bring me breakfast in bed while I lie there feeding and getting the cuddles!

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