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Waking, feeding probs and weight loss (mine)

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Shooflypie Sat 26-Jul-08 14:35:47

DS is 17 weeks and has gone from one feed a night at 4am to waking at 3.30, 4.30, 5.30 etc for the past week. This has coincided with my losing weight quite rapidly ( a stone in the last 3 weeks tho I'm eating 3 healthy meals plus bananas for snacks). I am worried that my supply is low - my boobs never feel very full and I don't have a fast let down any more.
It doesn't feel to me that he is getting very much during these night feeds.

The other thing is that he has teeth coming through. During the day he will often arch his back and pull away when I try to feed him. Sometimes he will cry really hard if I even hold him in that position!
If I feed him lying down he will take a bit.

I am worried he is not getting enough milk - esp in this hot weather. I am planning to ex bf him till 6 months but am now wondering if I will be able to do this/ give him everything he needs?

What do you think?

ThingOne Sat 26-Jul-08 14:55:49

Upping feeds at that age is normal IMO, as is you losing some weight at this stage. Do you weigh significantly less than before you were pg? If not, I wouldn't worry. I think it's fairly normal to lose the vast bulk of your "baby weight" by about this stage

Your boobs do stop feeling full once breastfeeding gets established. Think about it from another pov - do they feel more comfortable and "normal" now?

In the hot weather just make sure you drink plenty and give him unfettered access to milk so he can stay hydrated too. No need for anything else.

I'm not a bf counsellor so maybe somebody more knowledgeable about the back arching will be along later.

Shooflypie Sat 26-Jul-08 16:57:03

Thank you for replying, ThingOne. Upping feeds at this age - is that permanent?

I'm giving him unfettered access to my boobs (very unfettered as I'm boiling!) but this is when he starts arching his back and crying. He's fed brilliantly up until now so this is puzzling me a lot.

Boobs do feel more normal I suppose but I am now finding it hard to tell which one DS last fed from, which I never used to. And once or twice in the last few days I've squeezed and found there's not much there sad

Dawnie6577 Sat 26-Jul-08 19:39:35

He may be going through a growth spurt?

CarGirl Sat 26-Jul-08 19:42:27

my let down become so efficient I didn't even engorge when I wasn't feeding for 12-14 hours at night, meant I couldn't express because I could never get my let down reflex to work using a pump!

weeamoomoo Sun 27-Jul-08 11:27:54

hi, i'm having similar problem with my 4 month DD. try and put her on my left breast and she arches her back and screams! she has also started waking in night after sleeping thro. i'm worried too.

Shooflypie Mon 28-Jul-08 11:54:54

Weeamoomoo, I've been experimenting over the w/e and found that DS will feed if we're lying down, even if he has just been screaming and arching. (Maybe it is to do with the heat?!)
Has your DD got teeth coming through too?

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